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Paragon of Sin is the story of Wei Wuyin, a young boy who was born blessed but turned sinner.

Summary of Paragon of Sin

The Heavenly Dao determines what is right and wrong in this world, and those who act against it are considered sinners.

Wei Wuyin refuses to accept the Heavenly Dao’s control over his destiny and embarks on a journey to reverse it. He seeks power and strength in order to challenge the Heavenly Dao, and as a result, he becomes the greatest sinner of all.

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Paragon of Sin on Webnovel
Paragon of Sin on Webnovel

Wei Wuyin faces numerous challenges and opponents on his journey, including powerful cultivators and divine beings.

He is, however, unwavering in his determination to become a paragon of sin and challenge the Heavenly Dao.

Complex characters, intricate world-building, and intense action scenes abound in the novel. The author masterfully weaves together themes of morality, power, and destiny in a way that will captivate readers from beginning to end.

Overall, it is an exciting and thought-provoking novel that will delight fans of Eastern Fantasy and cultivation stories. Readers can expect a long and satisfying journey through the world of the Heavenly Dao and the sinners who seek to overthrow it with over 1,200 chapters.

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