Outclassing the Achievement Junkie Novel

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Outclassing the Achievement Junkie Novel Summary

Infamous throughout the game “Worlds of Trodar,” Rizz clears all achievements to unlock the exclusive [Isekai Quest]. Only, it’s not a quest to pioneer a new server. It’s a genuine contract for transmigration!

Rizz awakens in a summoning circle, in the body of his most prized character, a goblin rogue. Back at lv. 1 with zero skills… And that’s only the beginning of Rizz’s troubles.

All the gods are missing? All three pantheons?! Who the hell is the Diamond God, or the Crystalline Church!? What do you mean I can’t go to high-level worlds? The world gates disappeared!?! … With 2,000 years come and gone since all in-game events, Rizz has no idea where to look for answers.

And what’s with this [Achievement System]?! So what if there’s a [Skill Spinner]? That’s just a gotcha game to waste hard-earned skill points! There’s not even a skill tree to go off of? Who the f*ck designed this thing!?!

Yet… peasants will one day cry his name, in hope or disgust. Kings will cheer for their winnings and weep for their stolen treasures. Gods will be forced out of hiding, facing risks new and old.

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Because Rizz won’t settle for conquering a single goblin tribe. He won’t stop until all of his newfound brethren are unionized, across all worlds of Trodar! After that, with a few gods bribed out of retirement as support, Rizz’s ambition only grows! To build a guild for demihumans, to preach a new religion under the Goblin God, and to raise nations of civilized monsters.

Outclassing the Achievement Junkie Novel
Outclassing the Achievement Junkie Novel

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