Only I Am a Necromancer Novel

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Only I Am a Necromancer Novel Summary

It was just one of those ordinary college class sessions when texts and quest cards started popping up in the air.

While the strange situation flusters everybody, all the lights go dark, and the lecture room is engulfed in pitch darkness. Panicked, everybody is afraid of reaching out and taking the quest cards, but not the main character, Seong-woo: He instinctively realizes that he has to pick a card to survive and chooses to become a necromancer.

Soon after, a tutorial quest appears, and the entire school turns chaotic. Suddenly, goblins pop out everywhere and start slaughtering people. Survivors find it hard to adjust to all the sudden changes, but Seong-woo overpowers one of the goblins by using his necromancy skill and starts to complete the quest.

Seong-woo and many of his followers continue to grow his power. He is surrounded by the forces of death that vow loyalty to him, talented followers and trustful colleagues. Still, numerous villains challenge him in addition to a system that threatens to degenerate all of humanity.

In a world facing a change it has never experienced before, a necromancer destroys everything with his committed forces!

Only I Am a Necromancer Novel
Only I Am a Necromancer Novel

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