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11 Best Online Zoology Courses

I know that you are in search of online zoology courses that you can enrol for this 2023 but it is quite frustrating not placing your hand on something tangible. Today, or I’d rather say this very sec I will put an end to that misery. I say this because I got packaged for you the 11 online zoology courses waiting for your application. You can take these courses from anywhere in the world. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, carefully read this article all the way through. This will help you decide which application will work best for you.


While the majority of people at least have a passing affinity for animals, many others are obsessed. Why not pursue an online degree for animal lovers if you are one of the people who are passionate about animals and/or want a job that involves caring for and raising your four-legged friends?

Students today look for courses and programmes they enjoy. They are aware that their education can encompass all of their interests and pastimes. College curricula may include marine biology, animal behaviour, or veterinary technology for those who love animals. You don’t need to abruptly switch gears to pursue something you’re just contemptible about if you spent your youth collecting bugs or studying dinosaurs. Learn more about these top online zoology courses below.

11 Best Online Zoology Courses

The online zoology courses are;

1. Animal Welfare by the University of Edinburgh

What justifies concern for animals? We are, as you have probably learnt, a complex link in the food chain. We would vanish if there were no other animals. Additionally, let’s not overlook a tiny element called ethics. Zoos are contentious enough; we must properly care for any animal we keep in captivity.

You may brush up on animal welfare with this quick, free, 10-12 hour online course. Before learning about the animals you are most familiar with, you will first explore the fundamentals of animal welfare (i.e. dogs and cats). After learning about livestock care, you’ll examine caged creatures like tigers, lions, and bears.

You’ll discover the challenges of evaluating animal behaviour as well as public legislation related to animal welfare (this is why it makes it first on our list of online zoology courses). A new career was started by 50% of those who completed free online zoology courses like this one, according to Coursera statistics. If you want to become a more responsible, animal-focused leader and biologist, you should enrol in this course since animal behaviour is intriguing.

2. Think Like a Bird: Understanding Bird Behavior by Cornell University

The Bird Academy at Cornell University is dedicated to all things avian. Understanding bird behaviour is essential whether you’re an expert or novice bird watcher. It’s also quite cool. Imagine having the ability to determine whether a bird is furious, joyful, or romantic.

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Six courses covering bird behaviour, bird communication, how to characterise bird behaviour, and an ecological viewpoint on behaviour make up this brief, four-hour course. You can learn at your own pace because the course is fully online.

You’ll be able to increase your knowledge of ornithology and bird watching after completing this course. The cost of the online course is $59.99, which includes a three-month subscription to Birds of North America, a website that provides behavioural data on all 760 North American bird species. There, you can deepen your understanding as you gradually advance to becoming an authority on birds.

3. Primatology by ACS Distance Education

Third, on our list of online zoology courses is Primatology. Chimpanzees have been a part of Jane Goodall’s life since she was a little girl. Her first stuffed animal was a chimpanzee. Jane found her vocation fast and took some online zoology courses. Goodall is currently regarded as the top primatologist in the world, and she has taught us all a lot about them. Because it gives us a look at the animals most similar to humans, primatology is fascinating.

This 100-hour course will teach you all there is to know about primates AUD 646. You’ll gain knowledge about the various primate species, including humans, primate behaviour in the wild, and the psychological health of captive monkeys. You’ll be one step closer to following Jane Goodall’s footsteps as a primatologist by the time the course is over.

4. Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation by Duke University

11 Best Online Zoology Courses | Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation by Duke University
11 Best Online Zoology Courses

Chimpanzees and humans share 98% of their genes, which is a fascinating fact about them. They are thus among our nearest relatives. Chimpanzees can live for up to 60 years.

Do not refer to chimpanzees as monkeys either! They belong to the same family as gorillas, orangutans, and humans—the apes. However, chimpanzees are sadly at risk of extinction.

One of the most educative online zoology courses on chimpanzees you can place your hand on. This 16-hour free online course looks at chimpanzee behaviour and how to conserve them without interfering with their regular routines. You may already be aware that if it weren’t for the great Jane Goodall’s contributions, this course would not be offered. Her case studies and the case studies of her contemporaries provide a lot of this knowledge. Try this class if you want to learn everything there is to know about chimpanzees.

5. Pain Management by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

For experienced and aspiring wildlife rehabbers, this is one of the online zoology courses for you. Your line of work will regularly place you near injured animals. You will occasionally be the one in command.

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Occasionally, you’ll take care of the animal until a different wildlife medic intervenes. In any event, you should become familiar with the vocabulary and ideas related to pain control in mammalian and avian species.

The physiology of pain, clinical symptoms of pain, supportive care strategies, and medication therapy: indications, contraindications, and side effects are the four topics covered in this $79 course ($59 if you’re an IWRC member). You will be given a certificate of completion for the course if you pass the final test with a score of 70% or above.

6. BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences by Oregon State University

This four-year curriculum, which is fully online and focuses on fisheries and wildlife sciences, is also an important one if you want online zoology courses. A whole ecosystem can become out of balance if there are too many of one thing and not enough of another. Nature is a beautiful and delicate balance beam.

Learn about the harmony between fish and animals in this lesson. You’ll focus on fisheries and wildlife, math and physical science, and biology in between electives and your core classes.

This is a full degree that costs about $55,000 for all 180 credits, which is a hefty sum. You will, however, be prepared to start your career as a fishery or wildlife scientist by the time the course is over.

7. Care & Conservation of Aquatic Animals Certificate by the University of Florida

This online zoology course was created by the great faculty at the University of Florida for graduate-level and professional aquatic-animal experts that are interested in online zoology courses.

You should always concentrate on increasing your expertise and bolstering your resume with programmes like this one because careers in aquatic animals are scarce. This course is for you if you’re interested in a career working with aquatic animals.

You will expand your knowledge of aquatic animal care and conservation in the 12-credit online course, encompassing the about of marine mammals, aquatic reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and invertebrates. Your coursework will include two electives of your choice along with classes on aquatic wildlife health issues and diseases of warm water fish.

8. Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions by the University of Alberta

11 Best Online Zoology Courses | Bugs 101 Insect-Human Interactions by the University of Alberta
11 Best Online Zoology Courses

There are bugs throughout. They communicate with other people, living things, and pets. We should be thankful for bugs and protect them even if they occasionally bite us since, without them, we wouldn’t be living today. This fascinating free online entomology course provides an in-depth introduction.

There are 12 units in this 12-week online course at the University of Alberta. The titles of some of the units are Insects and Disease, Pollination and Beekeeping, and Sustainable Human-Insect Relationships.  You will discover a wealth of important information about insects and their significance to our plover for the 12 weeks.

In line with its course number, Bugs 101 is intended for beginners. It’s a fantastic place to start for new entomologists and a fantastic resource for zoology enthusiasts who want to learn more about bugs. Approximately two hours of coursework and ten hours of studying are required each week for the class, but we bet you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

9. Marine Life Rescue 101 by Universal Class

Finding a whale or marine turtle wrapped in plastic on a beach is one of the saddest sights you may see. If only you were aware of the solution. After completing this course, you’ll know more about why animals strand and what you may do to solve the issue.

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It costs $50 or $75 to take this quick online marine zoology course, depending on whether you want a certificate at the end. The 13 lectures include such topics as biology, the process of rehabilitation, why animals strand, and stranding networks. By the end of the training, you’ll learn how to perform a basic rescue and how to alert the proper authorities.

We require additional marine life rescuers because of fluctuating sea levels and rising plastic waste. This is a fantastic beginner’s course if you wish to assist.

10. Nature Journaling and Field Sketching by Cornell University

A pleasant breeze sways the plants around you, a bird sings to its mate, while a herd of deer grazes. You will always find peace in environments like this. Nature journaling and scientific illustration will be covered in this ten-hour session.

Liz Clayton Fuller, a well-known scientific illustrator, will teach you about observation and creative approaches for $99.99. This course is designed for zoologists who are artistically oriented and wish to investigate the world via art.

You’ll be observing animal behaviour, sociability, and the amazing gift of nature that surrounds us via your drawings. If you want to learn more about capturing nature without a camera, this session is for you!

11. Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation by the American Museum of Natural History

11 Best Online Zoology Courses | Ecology Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation by the American Museum of Natural History
11 Best Online Zoology Courses

How do animals communicate with one another, and how does the animal kingdom interact with its limited resources? What impact do people have on animals?

The way animals interact with their environment is an important aspect of zoology. And, as humans continue to develop, land conservation is becoming increasingly important.

This free, 11-hour online zoology course will teach you how species cohabit, how ecosystems can rebound, and how people analyse populations. You’ll achieve all this through a case study on Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park. When abstract ideas and principles are brought to a single case, many of us learn them far faster. If you are that type of student, this course is ideal for you.

People also ask

Can you learn Zoology online?

Distance learning puts you in charge of your education. You can study Zoology online or through online zoology courses if you join. Online zoology courses will supply you with course materials as well as everything you need to finish your course.

Can a zoologist become a vet?

Can I become a veterinarian after studying zoology? While zoologists and veterinarians share many talents, veterinarians are clinically trained and equipped to operate on and care for animals. Zoologists are not, and would need more training to earn their veterinary licence.

Which is better zoology or botany?

Now, whether you should study Zoology or Botany is determined by your interest in and comprehension of animal or plant life. If you are more interested in plants, study Botany, and if you are more interested in animal life, study Zoology.

Is Zoology hard to study?

However, before you start seeing these online zoology courses as a sort of petting zoo with quizzes, you should be aware that it can be a challenging major. The study of animal life is the focus of zoology, a branch of biology.

Is there a high demand for zoologists?

From 2020 to 2030, the employment of zoologists and wildlife biologists is expected to expand at a 5% annual rate, which is slower than the average for all occupations. Despite low job growth, an average of 1,700 openings for zoologists and wildlife biologists are expected each year over the next decade. To benefit from this, take any of the online zoology courses today.




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