Online In Another World by DelzGB

There are fortunate people and unfortunate people in this world. Both and Ethan Bellrose are cursed. He is nineteen years old and has spent his entire life hidden away in his home due to his delicate body, which blisters in the sun, breaks under the slightest impact, and succumbs to any illness.

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The young man loses all hope until he learns about “Reincarnation Online,” a virtual reality experience that offers those who are dissatisfied with their current path a new fantastical life.

Ethan Bellrose has no trouble making a decision. Without a second thought, he orders the virtual reality headset, deciding to give up his current situation and spend the rest of his days in the “Arcadius” world of magic, fantasy, and unending adventure.

Online In Another World by DelzGB
Online In Another World by DelzGB

However, he discovers a world that is just as alive and full of darkness, glory, and grandeur as Earth, if not more so. It is a world devoid of leisure and insignificant triumph.

This is the eventful life of “Emilio Dragonheart,” filled with horrifying lows and exhilarating highs, starting from scratch as an infant and given a new name and family.

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