One Piece: Ragnarok Novel

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One Piece: Ragnarok Novel Summary

In an age where the sails of pirates billowed in pursuit of glory and gold, the tides of time have shifted. Enter Brontes, a wayward spirit cast adrift thirty years before the legendary tales of One Piece unfold.

Thrust into a maelstrom of chaos, Brontes devours the mighty Rumble-Rumble Fruit, a treasure destined for the original Enel.

With the might of lightning at his command, he finds his destiny intertwined with the formidable forces of the Marine, standing shoulder to shoulder with legends in the making—Sakazuki and Borsalino.

Let’s embark on a riveting journey with Brontes, now hailed as the God of Thunder, Ragnarök. Witness a man’s solemn vow to uphold justice and reshape the fate of the Marine.

His saga is one of thunderous ambition and a quest to rewrite destiny itself. Join the odyssey and behold the rise of a new legend in the making.

One Piece: Ragnarok Novel
One Piece: Ragnarok Novel

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