Ohio State University Eminence Fellows Scholarship Program

The goal of the Eminence Fellows Scholarship Program is to guarantee that each Fellow achieves the greatest possible level of personal, professional, and civic growth through a welcoming and encouraging curriculum that equips them for their upcoming roles as changemakers. The Eminence Fellows Scholarship Program aims to develop leaders who can make a difference locally, nationally, and internationally in their fields and communities. By using cutting-edge tactics that result in transformational change, alumni will make a difference in their respective industries.

Level/Field of Study

The Ohio State University Eminence Fellows Scholarship Program is designed for undergraduates who intend to study at the Ohio State University for their first degree in any field of study offered by Ohio State University

Criteria for Ohio State University Eminence Fellows Scholarships

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal residents of the country. The University Honors Program requires all applicants to submit an application. Finalists are chosen based on the quality of their video introduction, distinct Eminence essay, and Common Application. Selections are made based on character, demonstrated dedication to service, and high academic potential. Application is encouraged from all majors. No two Eminence Fellows are alike

Candidates are assessed according to the following requirements:


  • a good GPA and an excellent curriculum
  • the top 10% of the class or higher
  • Research-proven curiosity or other similar experiences
  • the ACT or SAT scores in writing (optional)


  • the dedication that has been shown to a cause, program, issue, or concept
  • demonstrated dedication to making others’ lives better


  • essays are a form of written expression (Common Application and Eminence)
  • Introducing yourself in a 2-minute YouTube video

Additional factors will be taken into account:

  • service that goes beyond high school clubs and groups
  • leadership that connects education and volunteerism
  • engagement, experiences, and leadership that are both broad and deep
  • Collaboration mindset and teamwork inspiration

Components of the Eminence Application

The Eminence Application is made up of two parts:

  • Outstanding Essay
  • Introduction video (via an unlisted YouTube link)

The student’s Common Application will be available to the Scholarship Selection Committee, which will take it into account when making a decision.

Application Process for the Ohio State University Eminence Fellows Scholarships

Three steps are necessary:

  • By the early action deadline of November 1, submit an application for admission to Ohio State.
  • Use the Common Application to apply for honours.
  • Before November 14, complete the separate Eminence Application.

Selection Process

The selection committee looks for students who have shown interest as academic scholars and leaders inside and outside the classroom, in keeping with the goal of the Eminence Fellows. Candidates should be motivated to succeed and interested in receiving help from a small group of peers.

Around 75 students will be chosen as finalists, and they will be informed in early January. All finalists will be given the opportunity to participate in a virtual interview, which will take place in January and February. All finalists will receive an email with specifics about the interview.

Scholarship Reward

Annual prizes for scholars vary from $5,400 to $75,000 (typical four-year awards total between $21,600 and $300,000), with additional funding available for enrichment opportunities including study abroad, academic conferences, and leadership development. The awards’ expenses are split equally between the Stamps Scholars program and its partner institutions.


Does Ohio State give a lot of money?

The Average Scholarship or Grant Awarded to Undergraduates is $10,456. At Ohio State University-Main Campus, 65.0% of the 46,820 undergraduate students get grant aid. This amounts to a total of roughly 30,340 kids receiving an average of $10,456 each.

What major is Ohio State known for?

The most popular majors at The Ohio State University are Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services, General Finance, General Psychology, General Speech Communication and Rhetoric, General Biology/Biological Sciences, General Computer Engineering, General Marketing/Marketing Management, and General Biology.

Is admission at Ohio State difficult?

With a 57% acceptance rate and a 64.5% early acceptance rate, The Ohio State University’s admissions process is more stringent. SAT scores between 1250 and 1440 or an ACT score between 26 and 32 are required for admission to Ohio State for half of the candidates

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