Obsessed With My Husband’s Step-Brother Novel by Belleza J

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Obsessed With My Husband’s Step-Brother Novel Summary.

Rated 18+!! Steamy mature contents contained here!!!

Leilani Waters, a really beautiful independent lady, with the perfect body that can make any man sin willingly, won the heart of one of the most famous billionaires in the city, Neil.

He loved her so much with his entire heart and could kill for her. Their lives went on smoothly until he walked in through the front door…Adonis Ace Giles, Neil’s stepbrother,

a sex god, whose mouthwatering features will make any woman kill to get a taste of him and yet doesn’t believe in love.

Leilani found herself drooling over Adonis, and when the heat between them became unbearable, they had sex… and from that day, everything changed for Leilani.

What happens when Leilani is caught between marrying Neil and confessing her feelings to Adonis?

What happens when things get really complicated and messy as there has been an eye watching them from afar? What happens when Blackmail, Betrayal and Heartbreak became the order of the day?

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“Fuck me, Adonis.” I gasped against his shoulder, helplessly pressed into him as he rocked my body slowly with his slow, hard grinding.

He yanked his hand off my ass forcefully, and the thong snapped. The sound and the smack of it against my skin made me shudder, almost cumming.

He pulled the black thong away from me, the small fabric slick with my juices, and stuffed it in my open mouth.

I groaned, hearing the tortured sound of my own groan muffled by my panties slick with my own wet. And I moaned again.

“So many fucking things I wanna do to your body, Leilani.” He growled, bunching my shirt up and I felt the cold of the hard surface against my heated skin.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” He said, gazing sinfully into my eyes as he said those maddening words and slid his erect cock out of his grey sweatpants.

My vagina clenched, spilling more moisture. Then he parted my legs even wider and plunged his cock into my vagina.

Deep. Wet. Hard.

Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother Novel by Belleza J
Obsessed With My Husband’s Step-Brother Novel by Belleza J

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