NYU Medical School Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Here in this blog post, you will find every detail about NYU medical school acceptance rate, requirements, SAT/ACT scores, GPA scores, and admission status.

Numerous applicants apply each year to NYU Medical School. One of the greatest medical schools in the nation, NYU attracts students with its unmatched financial assistance offers and adaptable curriculum.

But what do statistics say about the NYU Medical School acceptance rate? Published figures show that between 2009 and 2016, just over 2.2% of applications were approved by NYU Medical School. Although this statistic is impressive, it does not fully convey the situation. 

The main reason why NYU Medical School has such a low acceptance rate is that it is a very competitive institution. They have a competitive admissions procedure and excellent programs to offer. 

However, the total admission rate for all American medical schools also has an impact on the NYU Medical School acceptance rate. 

This article will walk you through the steps to finding a place at NYU Medical School amidst the difficulties that come with the school’s acceptance rate.

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What to know about NYU Medical School?

The University Medical College, which became the New York University School of Medicine in 1841, is renowned for developing fields like pediatrics, forensic medicine, surgery, and psychiatry. 

The university, which is located in the Langone Medical Center on Manhattan’s East Side, offers dual-degree, M.D., and Ph.D. programs. It is also well known for its programs that treat AIDS and drug addiction. 

As of 2018, the institution now offers every MD student a ground-breaking full-tuition scholarship (worth $56,272) regardless of academic achievement or financial circumstance. However, due to the low NYU Medical School acceptance rate, it is very competitive. 

The cost of books and supplies, as well as any additional living expenses, should be covered by government or institutional loans, which students are strongly advised to apply for. 

The NYU School of Medicine features approximately 70 student clubs, including Chamber Musicians in Medicine, Classical Arts Appreciation, and Physicians for Human Rights, which will delight students interested in a dynamic and diverse campus life.

Additionally, a number of global health initiatives are offered by the NYU School of Medicine, which sends students abroad to conduct research and take part in clinical and public health teaching initiatives.

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What Is NYU Medical School Acceptance Rate in 2023?

NYU Grossman is one of the nation’s most competitive medical schools, with an acceptance rate of just 2.2%. Let’s examine the data for the class of 2025 in more detail: 

  • 9,635 applications 
  • 820 interviews 
  • 108 matriculants 
  • The median GPA ranges from 3.64 to 4.0, and the median MCAT score is 522. 
  • Range of CAT: 512-527

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NYU Medical School Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023

1.63% of transfers at NYU are accepted. With only 1 out of every 100 transfer applications being approved, this highlights how tough it is to transfer to NYU Medical School.

It’s not simple to be accepted to prestigious universities like NYU Stern. However, due to the low NYU Medical School acceptance rate, it is very competitive.

However, the first step in transferring to NYU is to submit an application for admission. 

There is little doubt that applicants with an AA or BA from a four-year institution on the Regional Accreditation list that is regionally recognized and accepted have a greater acceptance rate at New York University Medical School.

Is It Difficult to Get Into NYU Medical School?

Seats at NYU are widely sought after by candidates due to their reputation, free tuition, and excellent education. In turn, it can be difficult to get into NYU’s medical school. Your chances of being accepted can be determined by looking at an image of the NYU class.

NYU Medical School hasn’t made its most recent incoming class average GPA or MCAT score public, but given the school’s low acceptance rate, it’s safe to assume that most successful applicants will be exceptionally strong academic candidates. However, due to the low NYU Medical School acceptance rate, it is very competitive.

NYU Medical school’s academic standing can be determined by the fact that the university announced in 2019 that it would raise its GPA and MCAT cutoff scores to 3.4 and 512, respectively. 

The cutoffs don’t appear to have been formally imposed, and this pronouncement sparked discussion. Having said that, we can assume that the typically accepted applicant will have stats much above these numbers.

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How High must your MCAT, SAT & ACT Scores be to Attend NYU Medical School?

Students from NYU have also received very high MCAT scores. The MCAT score range for accepted students is 516 to 526, with an average of 522. 

Unless their history, experiences, and/or circumstances are exceptional, students with an MCAT score of less than 517–518 find it challenging to get interviews at NYU.

Admission to NYU Medical School requires either an ACT score of 30 to 34 or an SAT score between 1350 and 1530. 

However, one-fourth of the candidates who were admitted received scores that were above these ranges, while one-quarter received scores that were below them. However, due to the low NYU Medical School acceptance rate, it is very competitive.

The application deadline is January 1, and the New York University application fee is $80.

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Admission Requirements for NYU Medical School

The NYU Grossman School of Medicine is pleased with how well-rounded and knowledgeable its medical students are on subjects outside the humanities and sciences. They think their diversity will help them be better able to address the most difficult problems in healthcare. 

Applicant eligibility requirements include the following: 

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada; 
  • be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or possess Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status; 
  • They also accept applications from international students who possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada.

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What are the Transfer Requirements for NYU Medical School?

After reading this section on NYU transfer requirements, the best schools to transfer into, and how to transfer to NYU Stern, Tisch, or Gallatin, you will be able to compile all the traits required to “woo” the transfer admissions committee. 

We’ll go through whether it’s simple or challenging to transfer from a community college to NYU, what a “good” GPA for transfer students entails, the best courses for transferring credits, exciting scholarship considerations, and finally, how to transfer from a community college to NYU (or any other college). However, due to the low NYU Medical School acceptance rate, it is very competitive.

Nothing in the admissions process is guaranteed, of course, but hey, if it worked for other NYU medical transfers, it ought to work for you too.

Having said that, let’s discuss the specifics; 

  • Official transcripts

Official transcripts are one of the most crucial documents that every student transferring to a new university will require. 

You must possess a certified secondary/high school transcript (or a General Education Diploma) with graduation date, regardless of when you completed your education. 

Official college or university transcripts from every institution you have attended are required if you have ever attended college at all.

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  • SAT Results

You must submit standardized testing if, at the time of application, you have not finished at least one year of full-time study at a college or university or 32 semester credits of part-time study. Some software doesn’t require testing. 

  • Recommendation letters

This is also another crucial prerequisite for NYU medical school transfer approval. 

The Common Application Instructor Evaluation form and letter of recommendation must be filled out by a college professor or a direct supervisor if it has been more than a year since your last enrollment in classes. 

For consideration, New York University needs a number of completed documents.

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It makes sense to apply here, even if New York University School of Medicine is a highly selective medical school. 

Remember that living in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs of New York City is expensive, even if you don’t pay tuition. However, due to the low NYU Medical School acceptance rate, it is very competitive.

Prospective students can anticipate receiving a top-notch medical education at NYU, in addition to having access to outstanding clinical training through the Langone Medical Center. 

Additionally, you’ll be in an excellent position to pursue the medical specialization of your choice and have a successful career. Good luck, as you now have an insight into the NYU Medical School acceptance rate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it simple or difficult to transfer to NYU Medical school? 

For those who don’t have a clear plan for success, transferring to NYU is very challenging. You will be able to comprehend all the critical actions you must take in order to transfer to NYU if you apply the advice from this article. 

What Is An Ideal Transfer GPA To NYU? 

Whether you are transferring to NYU from a community college or a four-year university, your GPA should be as competitive as is practical. Your major priority before applying should be to earn a 4.0 GPA. If your GPA is greater than 3.5, you are a college student. Although applicants with lower GPAs have been accepted, it is the lowest they would accept.

How Many Transfer Credits Must There Be? 

To transfer to NYU, you must have completed a minimum of 30 or 32-course credits, which is equal to one year of college coursework. 

What must you include in your transfer essay? 

You must submit your application through the Common App, which also contains a supplement specific to NYU, for almost all of the schools at NYU. These are time-consuming to complete and require extensive research, but they are unquestionably worthwhile. Why not give it your all because you have to?


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