Nursing The Billionaire Novel by Raregem

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Nursing The Billionaire Novel Summary.

No one in the whole of New York had ever seen the stir coming. No one had ever dreamt the courtship of Brian Woods, the president of the Woods empire, would ever go wrong.

No one, not even Brian Woods himself, it all came like a shock to him after he caught his fiancee having sex with his best friend.

Out of shock and anger, He drove out of the hotel after he caught his fiance and his so-called best friend together having sex, Brain had an accident with no one to save him.

Naive, outspoken, Karen Swanson was driving home late at night after her shift at the hospital as a nurse, she saw Brian’s car and stopped to see an unconscious Brian with no identity.

Out of care, she called an ambulance and paid for the treatment of the man with the hope of saving the wounded man’s life.

But unknown to her, the man she was trying to save his life was a billionaire. After the treatment, he was discharged and had to live with her in her apartment because Brian had temporal Amnesia.

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Love sailed in their hearts. But Wagers were struck trying to shatter their love but will it sail through? Find out in this heartwarming romance novel.

Nursing The Billionaire Novel by Raregem
Nursing The Billionaire Novel by Raregem

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