Novel Extras Survival

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Novel Extras Survival Summary

Kim Yong reads novels in his free time but one Novel that caught him the most in the charm of its story is the Novel “Astral Hero Return”

a generic Harem novel as the Astral Hero tries to defeat the bad guy in that case the Demon King and builds his harem to an extent where you ask yourself why would they need 20 wives to live a normal life or to win somehow against the bad guy as all his wives cheer for him

Kim Yong found the Story intriguing not because there was a harem but how the characters feeled so alive for him as he knows them in addition to that he longs to exist in such a world especially this one


“The Novel will take a break for Personal reason and I don’t know when i will come back.”

The Novel he was so obsessed with so that he wrote over 30 notebooks of his theories and thoughts of how things could work or how many powers exist in the world suddenly decided to take a break at the start of the next arc ‘Demon ladies’

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as he goes to sleep and wakes up the next day he finds himself in the exact novel he longed to live in.

But he has no time to relax since he remembers he is not the only reincarnated person in addition does he will need to face the final villains to change the fate of the world and find out the truth behind his existence.

Novel Extras Survival
Novel Extras Survival

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