Nothing More Than A Bully Novel by HopelessNarrator

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Nothing More Than A Bully Novel Free Online Novel.

A simple girl, Sofia Black didn’t expect to collide with the biggest bully on the very first day of her school.

She couldn’t realize that her whole life was about to take a different turn. A turn that was both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time.

Jack who has been hiding the deepest secrets inside him lost himself just on the first day he saw Sofia. He wanted to make her his but at the same time,

he was afraid to make the same mistake again. He was hurting Sofia unintentionally because of the fear that was buried deep inside him and Sofia who was completely new to these situations was feeling helpless and vulnerable.

Sofia didn’t want to like him but she also couldn’t ignore his effect on her. Sofia couldn’t disagree that Jack was starting to get the place in her heart which was something a bully definitely shouldn’t get.

Both of them started falling for each other unknowingly but their own fears were refraining them from expressing their emotions to each other.

What will happen when two people from completely different worlds will cross paths with each other? Would they be able to overcome the fears and the difficulties and be together or would the circumstances separate them from each other?

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Join the rollercoaster of their journey and see where fate takes them.

Nothing More Than A Bully Novel by HopelessNarrator
Nothing More Than A Bully Novel by HopelessNarrator

Read Nothing More Than A Bully Free Online Novel.

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