Not Your Mate Anymore Novel by Elena Titania

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Not Your Mate Anymore Novel Summary.

After the death of his father and his mate brutally murdered in cold blood, Bjorn Vayrian, an Alpha, became the leader of the Vanara Pack and also took ownership of his father’s Multi-billionaire Empire.

Heartbroken and depressed, he managed to take care of his entire family who were in mourning just to survive and find the killer who took away loved ones,

but the problem worsened when he began having dark forbidden desires for his sister who turned out to be his mate, he must leave the pack, leave everything behind and never return.

North Vayrian is an Omega who lived in a family of love and happiness, however things began to go wrong when she discovers her role model, the Alpha who she is secretly in love with is her mate changed everything, no matter how lustful,

dark and forbidden her desires were, she chased after her mate. One wants to run and hide away from fate. The other is depressed, pressured and heartbroken.

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Will these two ever come together and accept their fate despite the pack turning against them and walking through the rocks of fire and ice?

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Not Your Mate Anymore Novel by Elena Titania
Not Your Mate Anymore Novel by Elena Titania

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