No More Stitches To Mend! Novel by Anna Love

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No More Stitches To Mend! Novel Summary.

“Time and again you trappled on my heart, but this time…” she breathes heavily, feeling suffocated. “…this time the will be no more chances!” The was only so much she could do to keep her teeth from chattering.

she knelt on the empty tarred road screaming into the violent rainstorm. After a few minutes, she collapses while holding on to her knees tightly and tasting the saltiness form her tears.

“At least you won’t see me cry.” she whispered before embracing the darkness that had been calling out to her. Scarlet Frost the number one beauty in New York is in her 20’s and is everything a proper lady from one of the three most elite families ought to be,

unlike her her name suggest she’s a combination of warm and cold. While Vince Neiman, the Young Master of the Neimans is her fiance thanks to a marriage alliance and her former close friend.

The two get into a contract marriage with a duration of two years to please the elders but Scarlett hopes Vince will learn to love her eventually.

Unfortunately, she endures two years of ridicule just to realize that Sarah; his ex-lover will always hold the strings to his heart and she pulls them to any direction she wants.

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Afraid,hurt and set-up she breaks her ties with him and ends up under the protective wing of Seth who seems to be more than the stranger who saved her life,

Vince’s arch-enemy! Sparks fly and feelings grow but can she bring herself to marry him when Vince returns for her?

No More Stitches To Mend! Novel by Anna Love
No More Stitches To Mend! Novel by Anna Love

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