New American University Scholarship at Arizona State University

The New American University Scholarship 2023 is a merit scholarship from Arizona State University designed for students vying to study at Arizona State University. Being a New American University Scholar includes more than just financial aid; it also gives you the chance to start changing the world while you’re still in school.

The cost of your college education will be covered in full or in part if you are awarded an Arizona State University merit scholarship. It’s critical to understand what you must do to keep your scholarship in order to take full advantage of this opportunity. There are university tools available to assist you in getting back on track if you ever struggle to satisfy renewal requirements.

Level/Field of Study

The New American University Scholarship is designed for undergraduate students and high school students that love to study at Arizona State University.

Host Nationality

The New American University Scholarship is proudly hosted by Arizona State University for students that want to study at Arizona State University.

Criteria for New American University Scholarship

  • Only first-year students who enroll in ASU the semester after high school graduation are eligible for ASU merit scholarships. You will no longer be eligible for the merit scholarship if you enroll at another university after high school graduation for anything other than summer courses.
  • Students enrolled in iCourses and ASU Sync full-time on campus have access to New American University scholarships. Students at ASU Online are not permitted to use them.
  • To be eligible for your New American University scholarship, you must show proof of your legal status as defined by Arizona law.

The New American University Scholarship Renewal Guide

  • begins the semester after your acceptance to ASU. Any subsequent semesters of your scholarship are lost if you don’t enroll at ASU during that semester and don’t have a deferral that has been authorized.
  • awarded for entire academic years, renewable for first-year students for a maximum of eight total semesters, and transfers for a maximum of four semesters. Summer sessions are not a time for merit scholarships.
  • is only paid out if you take 12 credits of ASU courses each fall and spring semester.
  • is void if you don’t have at least 12 credits enrolled in either the fall or spring semesters (forfeited semesters will still be counted as a part of your eight consecutive semesters of scholarship eligibility). To keep their scholarship eligibility, students who will have a gap in attendance must request a deferment beforehand.
  • consist of departmental, university, and private scholarships.
  • iCourses and ASU Sync enrolled full-time, on-campus students may use this service. To renew their scholarship, international students must continue to adhere to their visa’s conditions.
  • ASU doesn’t provide the same student with several New American University scholarships. ASU will apply the higher monetary amount grant in the event that you meet the requirements for a higher New American University scholarship.
  • To obtain your New American University scholarship, you must comply with Arizona law and provide proof of your legal status.
  • The value of the scholarships will be adjusted to reflect changes in residency or tuition categorization. See Residency and Status of Classification for Tuition.

Deadline for the New American University Scholarship

There is no specific deadline for the scholarship as the scholarship is open only when admission is open. The New American University Scholarship opening closes immediately after admission closes.

Application Process for the New American University Scholarship

Once you have been accepted to ASU, ASU evaluates you for merit-based scholarships. Send your undergraduate admission application and supporting documents to ASU if you haven’t already (official transcripts, test scores, and application fee). Remember that each scholarship has a distinct priority date.

Scholarship Reward

  • Through May 1, accepted students are automatically considered for ASU merit scholarships.
  • Scholarships for New American University are given out at the time of admission depending on the data you provided on your application. After admission, we do not recalculate academic data for scholarship purposes.
  • In addition to your high school GPA in core competencies, the amount of those skills you have completed or are working toward, and the degree program, residency, and campus that you are admitted to, ASU merit scholarships are given out based on a combination of these factors. Your ACT or SAT scores are not necessary to be eligible for an award. A scholarship adjustment may be necessary due to changes in the degree program, residency, or campus.
  • Test results are something you can submit for review, and in some situations, they might result in scholarship increases. Your test results must be received by ASU by May 1 in order to be taken into account.
  • Any money you have made through RaiseMe micro-scholarships will be added to the overall ASU New American University scholarship you are provided if you are given a New American University scholarship. They do not increase the amount of the merit scholarship.
  • Depending on the campus you are attending, the value of your scholarship may change. Changes to the curriculum, residency requirements, or campus may require adjusting the scholarship amount.

Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) program

If you are given a merit scholarship plus a tuition discount, the value of your merit scholarship will not be greater than the cost of your tuition once the discount has been applied. Multiple scholarships meant to cover base tuition are available to students, but no award can be more than their tuition.


What is the ASU new American university scholarship?

This program offers qualified students a financial incentive, a setting that emphasizes knowledge, learning, and research, as well as resources for comprehending and addressing society’s most important problems.

How do I apply for the new American scholarship at ASU?

No separate application is necessary, but in order to be considered, the ASU Undergraduate Admissions Office must receive all international admission application materials (admission application, official transcripts, test scores, financial guarantee, and application fee) by the April 1 scholarship priority date.

Does American University give full scholarships to international students?

International students receiving merit prizes from American universities will only receive partial grants. They receive awards based on a combination of exceptional academic performance, great English communication abilities, leadership, volunteerism, and community service.


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