Naughty #TeXXXt Novel by Sarwah Creed

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Naughty #TeXXXt Novel Summary.

Bianca Young and her dad tried to cross us. They wanted to take my family for fools, and now they’re going to find out what three jocks like us will do with her beautiful body.

She walked around campus as if she was in her own world, but we would have her begging for mercy, until we were done with her. We would strip her, spank her until she’s soaking wet. Then, we would put her in line for stealing from my family.

We would have her screaming our names with every orgasm before we were through with her. No one messed with the Russo family and got away with it. No one.

Naughty #TeXXXt Novel by Sarwah Creed
Naughty #TeXXXt Novel by Sarwah Creed

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