Naruto: Subject #37 Novel

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Naruto: Subject #37 Novel Summary

He awoke, surrounded by an overwhelming green that enveloped his body, with no memories as to how he got there or where he was. The boy twisted and writhed his body with spasms as he tried to escape but none came to his aid.

Our hero lay blind; a sitting duck to a snake-like man who watched his actions with a mysterious smile, his reptilian eyes turning into crescents watching the show.

Born with a busted heart, bedbound and attached to beeping machinery, that was his life for 17 long years.

Regardless of his situation he never once cursed his fate or lamented his luck, there were too many things he gained alongside what he lost, caring parents, a large bank account and enough books to give any librarian a headache; that was until those gains too were lost to the wind.

Or rather, he was lost to them.

Watch as our hero explores what it’s like to be truly be alive… after death.

Naruto: Subject #37 Novel
Naruto: Subject #37 Novel

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