Mysterious CEO’s Last Surrogate Novel by Lucia Love

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Mysterious CEO’s Last Surrogate Novel Summary.

Danica wakes up beside a strange man in the morning. The next day, she finds herself becoming the surrogate to a mysterious man, in the bid to save her twin sister Daniella from a ruthless mafia boss.

But what she doesn’t understand is, why did he change the rules? He wants her body once every month till she conceives yet; she can’t see him face to face… Sneak peek.

The moment he took a step, Danica recalled his promise and yelled, “Wait!” He halted but didn’t turn his head in her direction. “Hmmm,” he hummed.

Danica couldn’t continue to live in anticipation of a faceless man coming to her room 4 times a week. She gathered her last courage and said, “you promised to let me see your face.

” Loney stiffened for a few seconds. He was a man of his words therefore, he had to face the unexpected. No matter what, it was bound to happen.

Mysterious CEO’s Last Surrogate Novel by Lucia Love
Mysterious CEO’s Last Surrogate Novel by Lucia Love

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