My Wonder System Novel by Franklin Nwakamma

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My Wonder System Novel Summary.

Frank Hart lived a peaceful life with his mother in the lonely town called Marble, he had most of the things he needed and life didn’t seem to be harsh on him without a father.

Deep in the forest of Marble town was an underground settlement but it was abandoned.

The body of a tyrant was buried beneath it, but it wasn’t locked up forever as the duration of the spellbinding the tomb was complete, the beast lord broke out and along with his ugly beasts turned the world into a state of dilemma.

Frank had to flee along with his mother into one of the few refugee camps that the humans had. There was a war, a war between humans and the beast lord,

with the population of humans declining Frank was forced to go to war. With no experience at all on how to fight, he struggled until he was at the point of death.

“Is this how it ends for me?” Frank grunted as he pulled himself across the hard floor. A drop of blood fell from his forehead and landed on the blue necklace on his neck, a gift from his mother.

The necklace began to glow and at that point, he lost consciousness. [ System Active ] [ You have obtained the wonder system ]

My Wonder System Novel by Franklin Nwakamma
My Wonder System Novel by Franklin Nwakamma

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