My Wife is a Psychic by Mountain Spring

My Wife is a Psychic by Mountain Spring is a romance novel that follows the story of Jiang Xi, a psychic who can make predictions come true simply by talking. 

Summary of My Wife is a Psychic

Her family had previously committed her to a mental institution because they were concerned about her abilities. Jiang Xi becomes a girl from a farming village after migrating to a new life, having had three engagements annulled and hanging herself three times. 

Despite her turbulent past, Jiang Xi adjusts to her new life and uses her abilities to help her family and the village. 

Everyone begins to regard her as a lucky star, and suitors arrive at her home bearing lavish gifts. Jiang Xi, on the other hand, meets Zhao Xiping, a tanned, muscular man with rough facial features who claims she is his wife and his sole possession.

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My Wife is a Psychic by Mountain Spring
My Wife is a Psychic by Mountain Spring

Jiang Xi’s powers grow stronger along the way, and she helps those around her, including Zhao Xiping.

The story is interesting and full of twists and turns that keep the reader interested. Jiang Xi and Zhao Xiping’s romance is sweet and heartwarming, and their journey is one that readers will enjoy. “My Wife is a Psychic” is a fun read for anyone who enjoys romance novels with supernatural twists.

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