My Ungrateful Husband Novel by phase

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My Ungrateful Husband Novel Summary.

Ciara white was the only child of her parents and she was always treated like a princess but when she lost her parents,

life became really hard for her and she found herself getting married to one of his dad’s former business partner whom she had a crush on..

they later fell in love but she faced alot of challenges in her marriage cause her husband was so ungrateful even after so many sacrifices she did for their marriage and she regretted the day she accepted to marry him and she wanted a divorce but the husband still wanted her in his life.

will she get away from him and get a chance to find love somewhere else or will she stay and fight for her marriage?? Well this journey is going to be full of revenge,second chances,heartbreaks,sacrifices and above all sweet romance.

My Ungrateful Husband Novel by phase
My Ungrateful Husband Novel by phase

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