My Substitute Husband Novel by J.G.DAWN

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My Substitute Husband Novel Summary.

Since a teenager, Angela has loved Erish wholeheartedly and dreamed of marrying him, when they turn adults.

Destiny also followed her dream and one day he proposed to her in front of all her colleagues. They dated each other for three years and the wedding finally took place.

After tying the knot with him she felt like she had achieved everything and now she needs nothing from this world. However, the reality is crueler than she thought.

Her life did not go the way she imagined and her fantasies turned into the biggest nightmare in front of her eyes. When she found out her spouse’s real identity.

The fake identity with whom she is living every day. ………………………. She arrives in the bedroom ravishingly and throws the divorce papers on his face. The man looked at her with mixed gazes which were unreadable.

“Sign this paper! I want a divorce now!” Hearing her words, he gazed at the divorce papers. His brows twisted and he angrily frowned at her before announcing his response.

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“No, I will never divorce you in this life because…” He paused and moved closer to her and met her gaze to finish his words, “You are the only one I want in this life… ” Angela’s eyes burned up to hear him.

My Substitute Husband Novel by J.G.DAWN
My Substitute Husband Novel by J.G.DAWN

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