My Stepfather Is My Mate Novel by Elena Titania

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My Stepfather Is My Mate Novel Summary.

“Go harder, stepfather.’ I moaned loudly as he slammed his crotch into me and held my waist with both hands.

“You are so fucking tight, love.’ he went faster and deeper into me. “I want you so much, fill your stomach with my cum, fuck.’ “Fill me up, fuck, ahhhh…I… want to carry your child, Alpha, go harder please.’

Natalie Zaenrys grew up in an abusive home which affected her life for years with constant fighting and quarreling all the time and was also denied love and affection by her parents.

On a fateful day, her father, the leader of the Mackenzie Clan pack comes home on a rainy cool night with a pregnant She-Alpha, determined to get married to her and divorce her mother, this broke her heart at how her father was breaking their home and even worse,

she had just found out her mate, her boyfriend she’s been dating for years was getting married to her childhood best friend.

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Natalie turned cold and vowed never to love again, however to make matters even more worse, Natalie was drawn to another mate, who ruined her family and cursed her pain, the last Lycan on earth, diving into the forbidden love,

her mother’s Alpha. For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG – elena_titania (New account) Thank you!

My Stepfather Is My Mate Novel by Elena Titania
My Stepfather Is My Mate Novel by Elena Titania

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