My Roommate is a Cat Novel by Zanaka

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My Roommate is a Cat Novel Summary.

Starting from a love story of different world, then bringing Vin Greyrat to be the cause of misfortune that will befall his descendants.

Initially, the young man named Vin and Arthur investigated the disappearance of their classmate. All the clues lead Vin to an ancient building.

Apparently, the old building on the hill has a basement that holds many secrets. In fact, under the ground there is a mysterious temple.

Vin is very curious and invites his friend to explore the whole place, which is in the basement. However, the temple is also what brought Vin to time travel,

until Vin got to the Human-Animal World. ‘I really crossed over the dimensions of space and time. But .

when other people pass through dimensions with magic weapons or modern props, and I just fall down from the third floor of the ancient temple!’ Vin thought, annoyed.

[Triggers a series of tasks!] “What?!” shouted Vin. [The bullies will appear, please help the Princess to fight the bullies on your way!

The Host must ensure the safety of the Princess until she reaches her destination! ] “Huh?! A new task popped into my head!” Vin muttered, still not used to the system sound coming from his head.

Love blossomed there, but Vin had to return to the Human World. The demon cat sacrificed many things to come to the human world with the consequence that he would become a cat forever.

The cat demon lives in Vin’s house as a pet. Then, can this beautiful cat demon tell if she is Dea, the woman Vin loved before?

My Roommate is a Cat Novel by Zanaka
My Roommate is a Cat Novel by Zanaka

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