My Psychopath Alpha Novel by Yona Birdy

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My Psychopath Alpha Novel Summary.

I vividly remember sometimes, remember that I run from someone ” I did that to survive, They always treated me like a monster”

I remember his words that he shouted clearly in my mind, but who said that? And why? Why was he running after me? Do you know what the prophecy says about Silver?

He will bring chaos, destruction to every place he steps a foot in. The only way to stop him is Hazel. The brown-haired girl. … Silver thinks he is a good person,

a werewolf who wants to live like a human, he wants everything to go as he plans, or he will lose all of his sanity, if he still has any, would Hazel be able to stop him?

My Psychopath Alpha Novel by Yona Birdy
My Psychopath Alpha Novel by Yona Birdy

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