My Possessive Perverted Alpha Novel by Kenjo Kagami

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, My Possessive Perverted Alpha by Kenjo Kagami.

My Possessive Perverted Alpha Novel Summary.

YMIERA GALEA DAWN. The living badass girl where she lives in. She doesn’t care about what comes out of her mouth, even if it hurts,

she has no reason to stop what she wants to say. She no longer has parents or even siblings. She was adopted by her current father even though she knew he had no choice but to take her.

Ymiera knows that she is not just an ordinary person. As she grows up, she sees something different about herself, especially in her behavior.

So everyone who comes into her life is played by her, made to believe that he is important or loves him until it comes to the point where she knows the truth.

The word love is not in her vocabulary. For her, it was a lie that came from hell. Until the day she finds out that her father sold her for a huge amount of money to an unknown person.

She didn’t want to go with them but when they mentioned the place she was going to be taken to, she couldn’t do anything but follow.

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‘Were Wood City’, a place most people don’t even know exists. Unless you’re one of them, werewolves who live quietly away from humans.

My Possessive Perverted Alpha Novel by Kenjo Kagami
My Possessive Perverted Alpha Novel by Kenjo Kagami

My Possessive Perverted Alpha Free Online Novel.

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