My Necromancer Class Novel

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My Necromancer Class Novel Summary

Jay was merely an abandoned butcher’s son, living in a small village on the outskirts of a magical world. When humans came of age, they would receive their class from a mana conduit, granting them magic powers, and begin their lives as adventurers.

“Status,” Thought Jay, checking his class.
[Necromancer Level 1] “…I’m a Necromancer?” His eyes widened in shock. Looking around in fear, he breathed a sigh of relief. No one heard him.

This was a monster class, and one of the more powerful monsters at that; a powerful being that raised the dead to fight on its behalf. If anyone knew, they would hunt Jay down and kill on sight. He was not just a threat to the authority of the nobles but to all living things.

“But am I a monster now? Or human? I guess it doesn’t matter. They’ll kill me all the same.”
Jay had only one option: to get stronger, building his necrotic powers up so that he may one day become untouchable.

Through plotting, secrecy, and sometimes sheer carnage, he can only attempt to survive in this hostile world.

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Join Jay as he struggles against all odds and misfortune, against a world that wants him dead, as he secretly rises and bends this world to his will.

My Necromancer Class Novel
My Necromancer Class Novel

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