My Mate, My Killer Novel by Nymeria Yennefer Roisin

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My Mate, My Killer Novel Summary.

“I was looking for a man named Zarion, but I ended up here.” Most of them gasped when I uttered Zarions’ name. “Don’t mention that name because it’s cursed!” someone hissed.

My brows furrowed at her reaction. “Why? “He’s the Alpha of this pack. He was banished because he didn’t want to take the position.

Rumour says that he’s out in the woods, looking for his mate, and…” she trailed off. “And?” I swallowed. “Kill her. He wants to kill his mate.” Alpha Zarion is on a quest to find his mate and kill her because he despises the idea of a mating bond.

During a winter storm, he met Cassidy Bentley who saved him from death. He knows he has no time to waste but Zarion was curious about her, deliriously wanting every inch of her skin and touh

until he found out that the girl is mated to his number one rival, Alpha Brandon. Alpha Brandon rejected Cassidy because she’s a human—which he greatly despises.

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She eventually started getting over him, pouring out her love to Alpha Zarion who obsessively wants her. During the night Zarion and Cassidy will mark and mate,

the girl’s first mate finally comes to his senses and goes to find her. But the first mate already found Cassidy in another man’s arm, in his stepbrother’s arms, who was just about to mark her.

My Mate, My Killer Novel by Nymeria Yennefer Roisin
My Mate, My Killer Novel by Nymeria Yennefer Roisin

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