My Bodyguard and I Novel by Samanta Leoni

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My Bodyguard and I Novel Summary.

The daughter of successful CEO Horatio Finn is a beautiful and somewhat capricious, yet noble-hearted girl. 

One day, her father decides what for her is the worst choice in the world when he learns that a sexy, handsome and hot man, ten years older and a bodyguard by profession, is hired to take care of her. 

He believes at first that she is just a spoiled, superficial and spoiled little girl, so he will seek to make her life impossible,

but when a real danger stalks the young woman, as her protector he will not hesitate for a second to get her to safety, thus triggering an overwhelming attraction between the two,

which could end their contractual relationship. Will they be able to survive so much adversity?

My Bodyguard and I Novel by Samanta Leoni
My Bodyguard and I Novel by Samanta Leoni

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