My Billionaire’s Baby Novel by Canis Major

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My Billionaire’s Baby Novel Summary.

Enduring a foolish and regrettable night with Cedric, Anya tests positive for pregnancy two months later. Her career, position, and financial stability are now at stake.

What other misfortunes will Anya Joice face? And here’s another twist, perhaps the worst of all: “Please, refrain from making any further rash decisions.

All I want, Mrs Anya, is for you to be healthy. Whatever burdens you may carry, allow me to shoulder them. Because inside, you beat my child’s heart.

I implore you, Ma’am.” Cedric’s words continue to resonate, leading her to reconsider her initial thought of terminating the fetus she’s carrying.

Meanwhile, as Krystal Blaxton finally receives a proposal from James Andrew, with whom she frequently clashes during their lengthy meetings, she realizes that ensuring her family’s happiness is more significant than mere affection.

Unfortunately, she overlooks that love can emerge unexpectedly, especially after exchanging marriage vows. Krystal didn’t anticipate their marriage would be far from ordinary.

Andrew requests Krystal’s full support, gradually unravelling a chain of interconnected events from the past.

Will Krystal be willing to offer her unwavering support, or will she leave Andrew to resolve his problems independently?

My Billionaire's Baby Novel by Canis Major
My Billionaire’s Baby Novel by Canis Major

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