Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) Novel

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Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) Novel Summary

Austin Evans accidentally crossed over into the wasteland universe in the Marvel Multiverse. In this world, everything was so hopeless.

After being bitten by a spider, Peter Parker did not become Spiderman, but was infected with a disease and died in the streets! Other nascent heroes met similar ends, their destinies perverted into tragedy.

In this bleak universe, he found himself in, there were no heroes left to save the day. The familiar origins that once birthed legendary heroes had instead become harbingers of their doom.

As Austin explored this wasteland, he unearthed clues about its fallen heroes and villains. A newspaper told of the Avengers, branded extremists, wiped out by missiles. A gifted archer named Hawkeye was gunned down in the streets. Millionaire inventor Tony Stark turned terrorist mastermind, was executed for his rebellion.

After barely escaping this universe, Austin was horrified to discover that the multiverse had long since collapsed into ruin. What awaited him would be one apocalyptic universe after another…

This world was an inverted mirror, distorting everything Austin knew about the grand mythology he once loved.

How had such a corruption come to pass?

What led the multiverse itself down this dark path of destruction?

Austin was now a wanderer in infinity, his duty to chronicle the downfall of all worlds. If these apocalypses were gravestones, he would be the gravedigger to bury them. Their forgotten stories would live on through him alone.

Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) Novel
Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) Novel

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