Mr. Tatto Wants Me Novel by April Writes

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Mr. Tatto Wants Me by April Writes.

Mr. Tatto Wants Me Novel Summary.

Romance, Adult. Sensitive content 21+ “Saving you to destroy you.” Traumatized by his mother’s abuse of women, Denis hates the opposite sex,

but that doesn’t mean he has to be gay. Instead, Denis’ hatred leads him to use many women as a means of revenge, toys that he must destroy in such a way after successfully pulling them into a trap.

It’s just that Denis’s temperament and original intentions can change after he meets a woman who works as a disk jockey at a nightspot.

Meanwhile, he enjoys making out with different women almost all the time, without any taste and without ever feeling satisfied.

Mr. Tatto Wants Me Novel by April Writes
Mr. Tatto Wants Me Novel by April Writes

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