Mr. President’s Rebirth Bride Novel by OMB

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Mr. President’s Rebirth Bride Novel Summary.

“Make sure you kill me off properly, be sure I’m dead…”

Those were my last words before my throat was slit by my superior… I trusted him, but he watches as they slit my throat because of a missing highly classified file recovered by a spy but contains the deeds that could ruin their lives.

But I was awake again, in the arms of an unknown man, naked.

Pardoning the weak and frail body of the girl I found myself in, why on earth is she married to a man who totally despise her? And why do I have to deal with her annoying feelings for her cold billionaire husband?

But there’s no way in hell I’m wasting this chance, this time, I will tear those people apart, watching them fall to a storm with no origin.

With my billionaire father’s love and influence, I shall rise in a way I wouldn’t fall again, but little did I know…these pesky feelings for my cold husband are a big hindrance!


Mr. President's Rebirth Bride Novel by OMB
Mr. President’s Rebirth Bride Novel by OMB

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