Morehouse College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Here in this blog post, you will find details about Morehouse College acceptance rate, requirements, SAT/ACT scores, and admission status.

Morehouse College is a private historically black men’s liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia.

The acceptance rate should be your first consideration if you want to attend Morehouse College. 

This demonstrates how demanding the school’s requirements are and how competitive it is. 

The acceptance rate at Morehouse college is 77%. 77out of every 100 applicants are chosen. 

This demonstrates how selective the school is. 

You have a very good chance of being admitted if your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other program requirements are met at Morehouse College. 

Even if you meet all other admissions requirements, your chances of being accepted are extremely slim if you don’t meet your GPA or SAT/ACT requirements.

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What to know About Morehouse college 

The academic standards at Morehouse are high, and they choose students who are sincere learners in addition to the best and brightest. 

Small class sizes, a collaborative learning environment, and a dedicated faculty—99% of tenured faculty members hold advanced degrees in their fields—will be available to these students. 

The traditional and the modern collide here at Morehouse college. 

The Morehouse campus is the epitome of timeless beauty. 

The campus’s architecture, which is regarded as some of the most beautiful in America, is beautifully highlighted by the combination of the main body of old stonework and the sleek appearance of modern glass.

Diversity is another important value at the school. 

There are numerous student organizations and activities you can get involved with, and it encourages inclusion on many levels. 

Prepare yourself for a school year that will be full of exciting cultural, social, and festive events.

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What is Morehouse College’s Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate at Kenyon College is 77%. The highest acceptance rate in the country, it is ranked 131st overall and 8th in Atlanta. 

Morehouse has a high acceptance rate for qualified applicants and is a very competitive school. 

5,092 of the 6,614 applicants who applied last year were accepted. 

The school typically only accepts students with SAT and ACT scores in the top 10% (1280/1460 on the SAT and 30/33 on the ACT). 

Typically, high school seniors with an average GPA of around 3.98 are accepted to and drawn to Morehouse college. 

The majority of incoming freshmen finish their high school careers among the top ten percent of their classes. 

82% of those who were admitted chose to enroll in the school.

Morehouse offers 33 conventional majors and 13 interdisciplinary programs that improve learning and give students essential information that is impossible to obtain without taking into account various fields.

Below are some of the majors with their acceptance rates offered by Morehouse college ;

  • English language and literature 15.6%
  • Political science and government 10.8%
  • Psychology 7.4%
  • Economics 7.2%
  • History 4.7%
  • Mathematics 3.6%
  • Physics 3.6%
  • Fine arts and art studies 3.6%
  • Spanish language and literature 3.4%
  • Sociology 3.4%

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What is Morehouse College’s Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Morehouse College has a 77% acceptance rate for transfers, making admission more competitive.

 A score of 30 to 33 on the ACT or an SAT score between 1280 and 1460 is required for admission to Morehouse College for half of the applicants. 

But out of the applicants who were accepted, one-fourth had scores above these ranges and one-fourth had scores below them. 

The GPA of a candidate is a key academic consideration for Morehouse College admissions officers. 

Morehouse College admissions officers consider letters of recommendation and an applicant’s high school class rank, if any, to be very important factors.

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Is Morehouse College Hard to get into?

Because admission to this school is extremely competitive, having strong academic credentials is essential.

 You will have a good chance of being admitted if your SAT or ACT score is at least 1470 or 33. 

Filling out the rest of your application will also help if you’re applying to a competitive school like Morehouse college. We will then examine these specifics. 

But your chances of admission are sadly slim if you apply with an SAT or ACT score below 1470 or 33. 

You need to compete with the many other applicants who have strong applications and high SAT/ACT scores.

Does Morehouse College Require Test Scores?

The requirements for standardized tests differ from school to school. 

Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require the SAT subject tests. 

You must take the SAT or ACT if you want to apply. 

More importantly, success is necessary for a strong application.

Morehouse college’s SAT Requirements

The composite SAT average for Morehouse college is 1380 out of 1600. 

With this result, Morehouse College is only marginally less competitive for SAT scores. 

The “highest division” score selection policy is used at Kenyon College. 

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Morehouse college’s ACT Requirements 

At Morehouse College, the typical ACT score is 31. 

Morehouse college is very competitive on the ACT score thanks to this score. 

Even though Morehouse College probably states that they don’t have a minimum ACT requirement if you apply with a score of 29 or lower, it will be very difficult for you to get in unless you have something else extremely impressive on your application.

What are the Admission Requirements for Morehouse College 

The SAT Essays/ACT Writing section is optional for Morehouse college, and applicants may not be required to take it. 

For this school, you don’t need to worry too much about writing, but other schools you apply to might. 

In addition to your GPA and SAT/ACT results, your admissions decision will take into account the level of difficulty of your coursework, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

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Transfer Requirements for Morehouse College 

  • Minimum average score: A 3.0 GPA is required for transfer admission (on a 4.0 scale). 
  • Official transcripts: You must provide official transcripts from every college and high school you have ever attended. All of your courses and grades, including those from this year, should be listed. 
  • SAT I or ACT scores are required. Test results that are printed on official transcripts or grade reports that testing agencies send directly to Morehouse are accepted by the college. 
  • Letters of recommendation: A faculty evaluation (professor’s recommendation) and a college transfer admissions report (completed by the dean of students at each college or university you attended full-time) are required.
  • Essay: The general application requires a personal essay. The Common Application’s Transfer Supplement does not call for a second essay. 
  • Application fee: If you apply online, there is no $50 application fee. 
  • Interview: While not necessary, a job interview is advised.

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What GPA do you need to get into Morehouse College 

At Morehouse College, the average GPA is 3.9.

 Morehouse College requires you to be at the top of your class with a 3.9 GPA. 

To compete with other applicants, you’ll need to earn close to As in all of your classes. 

To demonstrate that college-level academics are simple, you must also enroll in challenging classes like AP or IB courses. 

You will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for a high school GPA of (3.9) or less. 

You will be better able to compete with applicants who have GPAs that are higher than yours thanks to this.

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How to Apply to Morehouse College 

Just over one-third of applicants are accepted by Morehouse college, which has a competitive admissions pool. 

Students who meet the institution’s requirements for SAT/ACT scores and GPA are likely to be accepted. 

The admissions procedure at this institution is rigorous and includes a variety of academic tests.

 Candidates are required to complete the online application. 

Your application may be supported by a compelling essay, excellent letters of recommendation, participation in student organizations, and taking on a demanding course load. 

Even if a student’s GPA is below average, they can still be given serious credit if they have special abilities and accomplishments.

Students who are interested should visit the university’s website for useful information and the addresses of the admissions offices. 

To decide if the institution is a good fit for them, students should tour the campus.

Alternative to Morehouse college 

  • Boston college, chestnut hills 
  • Drexel University, Pennsylvania
  • Lafayette College, Easton
  • Buckner University, Lewisburg
  • Haverford College, Pennsylvania 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Do Morehouse college’s Fees and Tuition Cost? 

Between $68,000 and $70,000 is the estimated cost of tuition and fees at Morehouse college. You still have a chance, though, as about 50% of its students receive financial aid. 

Is Morehouse College A Reputable College? 

The National Liberal Arts Colleges list Morehouse college at number thirty. Schools are categorized based on how well they perform in comparison to a number of generally recognized indicators of excellence.

What Deadlines Apply at Morehouse College? 

Candidates who are certain that Morehouse is their top choice for college make a commitment to enroll there if they are accepted. They also promise not to have submitted any other early decision applications and to withdraw all regular applications should they be accepted. 
The same criteria are used to evaluate early decision applicants as they are for all other applicants, including their eligibility for all financial aid and scholarships. 
Early decision enrollment at Morehouse varies from year to year, but typically enrolls between 40 and 45 percent of the freshman class.
Choice 1 
For applicants who have chosen Morehouse as their top college choice by mid-fall, there is Option 1. This plan must be submitted no later than November 15; decisions will be made public in the middle of December. 
Choice 2 
For applicants who choose Morehouse as their top college choice in the late fall or early winter, there is Option 2. This plan must be put into action by January 15; the results will be made public in early February.


At Morehouse College, the acceptance rate for the current academic year is 77%, compared to an average of 32.93% over the previous ten years. 

Morehouse shows a subsequent increase in its acceptance rate over the last ten years (2012-2022). 

The acceptance rate at Morehouse college for the 2018–19 academic year was 70%.

 Morehouse’s admissions procedure is competitive, with 77 of every 100 applicants being accepted.


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