Mommy for Billionaire’s Daugther Novel by Majornis Canis

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Mommy for Billionaire’s Daugther by Majornis Canis.

Mommy for Billionaire’s Daugther Novel Summary.

Every time Nathan introduces a woman he wants to take seriously, he always runs into one obstacle.

Naina’s ownership. It’s incredibly difficult for that child to even smile and speak politely to the woman Nathan is dating. Because of this, Nathan chooses to be a full-fledged Raptor playboy instead of dealing with Naina.

She says, “I only want Mami Seira!” She even talks with a scowl! Doesn’t she know that the woman she’s talking about is already married?

Should Nathan really become a home wrecker before he can ruin someone else’s marriage? That’s just crazy! Not to mention. Oh my God! What kind of test is he going through?

Because of Naina’s words to her grandmother, Nathan is more often introduced to women who are older than him! They even have red hair! “Enough, quickly choose a red-haired woman that Naina also likes.

Mommy’s getting a headache from Naina’s requests. What kind of person is this ‘Mami’ that is often called?” Nathan can only slap his forehead! Does he really have to marry an older woman?

Mommy for Billionaire's Daugther Novel by Majornis Canis
Mommy for Billionaire’s Daugther Novel by Majornis Canis

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