Mercy College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions.

Mercy College acceptance rate is 82.2%, which is considered selective. While each applicant is given individual attention, grades and course preference are the most important deciding factors. 

The Mercy College acceptance rate is 82%, meaning 82 out of every 100 applicants are chosen. This explains the selection process for the school. 

Compared to other universities, the university has more lenient requirements for your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Your chances of acceptance are excellent if you meet their eligibility requirements. 

Since Mercy College accepts applications worldwide, you don’t want to be unprepared when submitting your application. 

At the time of application, students must submit the Mercy College Supplemental Form, the Common Application, the SUNY Application, and the application fee. A student’s essay is required.

This article gives detailed knowledge of Mercy College acceptance rate, SAT and ACT requirements, and many more. 

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What to Know about Mercy College in 2023?

In 1950, Mercy College, a private college, was established. The campus is 66 acres in size, has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,505 (fall 2021), and is in a suburban area. 

The academic calendar is based on semesters. Regional Universities North, position #124 in the Best Colleges edition for 2022–2023, lists Mercy College. It’s $21,358 in tuition and fees.

With Mercy College’s acceptance rate at 82%, it is less selective. Students that get into Mercy College have an SAT score between 890–1080 or an ACT score of 23–27. 

Over 90 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs are available at Mercy College, which includes five schools: business, education, health, the natural sciences, liberal arts, and social and behavioral sciences. 

In the fall of 2015, the institution had 11,295 enrolled students. Students are from 54 different nations and 43 different states. 

Mercy College is ranked #124 out of 181 regional universities in the North. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

What is Mercy College Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Mercy College admission is less competitive, with an acceptance rate of 86%. For half of the candidates, an ACT score of 23 to 27 or an SAT score between 910 and 1190 is required for admission to Mercy College. 25% of accepted applicants received scores that were above these limits, while 25% received scores that were below these levels.

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What is Mercy College Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Mercy college acceptance rate for transfer students varies yearly. They enroll over 2,000 students yearly in fall, winter, spring, and summer terms. 

For transfer students’ admission, they make use of rolling admission. The school accepted 1602 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for Mercy is 91.33% for this pious year. 

Is Mercy College Hard to Get Into?

This institution is difficult to enter due to its relatively high admission rate and a necessity for outstanding academic success. If your application stands out and places you above average, you will almost certainly receive an offer of admission. 

A high school transcript, GPA, application form, and other necessary documentation are all needed for each institution’s application process to be safe. 

Many institutions also require SAT and ACT scores, letters of recommendation, application essays, and interviews, besides what has already been discussed.

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Does Mercy College Require Test Scores?

Most of Mercy College’s freshman applicants get admitted without taking the SAT or ACT. Students can choose the testing plan they want to apply under when applying. Standardized tests are required for many of our special programs and student populations.

Mercy College SAT Requirements 

Applicants at Mercy College are typically encouraged to score in the top 73 percent of SAT takers. Under 930 on a 1600-point scale, the institution routinely accepts SAT composite scores, making admission untenable. We predict that some students with SAT scores as low as 840 might be accepted.

Mercy College ACT Requirements

To be deemed program-ready for admission, all direct high school students, 24 years of age and younger, must take the ACT or SAT and got an ACT composite score of 21 or SAT combined score of 990. (For exam codes, contact Admissions.)

What are the Admission Requirements for Mercy College in 2023?

All first-time freshman applicants are eligible for Mercy College’s rolling admission policy. For fall admissions, our priority application deadline is March 15, and for spring admissions, it is December 15. Before an admission decision can be made, all necessary documentation must be received.

  • Use the Mercy College Application to submit an online application. 
  • Using the Common Application 
  • Official high school transcripts from each high school you attended, along with your standardized test results (but only if you want them taken into consideration when applying)* 
  • Specifications for Special Programs

The programs listed below have extra criteria and call for a specific program review:

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Veterinary Technology
  •  Music Production and Recording Arts
  • Nursing

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What are the Transfer Requirements for Mercy College in 2023?

For international students, the following documents are required:

  • English Proficiency
  • Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation (FACE)
  • Three-Year Bachelor Degrees
  • Conditional Admissions at Mercy College
  • For Scandinavian Students
  • Accepted Students
  • Form I-20 & F-1 Student Visa

A transfer student must have completed at least 15 credit hours of college coursework from a regionally accredited college or university with a GPA of at least 2.0 and be a high school graduate or GED holder. If a candidate has attended over one regionally accredited college, their cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0. 

The high school transfer students must provide the necessary high school records to be considered for admission if they have attempted and earned no more than 14 semester hours.

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What GPA Do You Need to Get into Mercy College in 2023?

All applicants must have either a general equivalency diploma (GED) with a score of 500 or a high school diploma with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.99. 

Mercy College will accept applicants with GPAs as low as 2.99. Your high school transcript may contain a combination of B and C grades. Avoid getting Ds and Fs on your application since readers may wonder if you’re serious about your studies and have what it takes to succeed in college. 

Changing your GPA in time for college applications is challenging if you’re currently a junior or a senior. You will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for a GPA equal to or lower than the school average of 2.99.

How to Apply to Mercy College

STEP 1 | Submit your application to Mercy College! 

Students interested in applying can do so at

STEP 2: Transcripts from High School 

Transcripts from high school are required to examine an applicant’s application. Either an official or unofficial transcript will be accepted. Students can upload these transcripts through our student portal. 

Before admission, Mercy College must receive an official final high school transcript from the high school that includes all secondary school grades, class rank, and graduation date. 

Students without access to their transcripts should speak with an admissions counselor. Or, if appropriate, the candidate may submit a High School Equivalency Diploma along with a score sheet.

Step 3: Test Scores (SAT/ACT Optional) 

Most prospective freshmen at Mercy College are admitted without taking the SAT or ACT. Students can choose whatever assessment schedule they want to apply under when they apply. 

Standardized tests are necessary for a limited few of our programs and student populations. They comprise: 

SAT/ACT for prospective athletes; TOEFL/IELTS for international students 

Even though your SAT or ACT results are unnecessary for admission to other programs, you are still welcome to share them with us.

STEP 4 | Documents in Support 

Through our student site, students can also upload any supporting materials they feel will improve their application. 

Document examples include: 

  • Résumé 
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Personal declaration in writing

STEP 5 | Additional Conditions 

Mercy University has additional admissions requirements for several major concentrations. For further information, consult the undergraduate catalog or contact the Office of Admissions. 

The following majors are included in these: 

  • Accelerated second-degree animation in nursing 
  • Basic Sciences and Liberal Arts (Center for New Resources – Adult Education) 
  • Nursing Arts in Music Production and Recording (Traditional Program) 
  • Assistant in Occupational Therapy Social Work Veterinary Technology

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Alternatives to Mercy College

  • University at Albany
  • Adelphi University
  • CUNY City College
  • St. John’s University
  • Fordham University
  • University of Bridgeport
  • Binghamton University
  • Stony Brook University

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mercy College Located?

There are three campuses in New York City and Westchester. Our 66-acre site in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, is directly on the Hudson River. 

Are International Students Eligible to Enroll in Every Program?

Nearly all 90+ undergraduate and graduate programs, such as Business Administration, Accounting, International Relations, Diplomacy, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Health Sciences, Master of Business Administration, MS in Business Analytics, and others, are open to international applicants.

How Much is Mercy College Application Fee?

Mercy College application fee costs about 40 dollars. 

Is Mercy College Accredited?

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (267-284-5000),, has accredited Mercy College. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Secretary of Education both recognize the MSCHE as an institution-accrediting body (CHEA)

Does Mercy College Give Scholarships?

Based on their academic entry requirements, all incoming students are immediately evaluated for merit-based scholarships. You must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits per term for undergraduates) to be eligible for scholarships.


By offering liberal arts and professional programs in individualized, high-quality learning environments, Mercy College is dedicated to giving motivated students a chance to transform their lives through higher education. This will enable students to start rewarding careers, continue learning throughout their lives, and act ethically and responsibly in a changing world.


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