Merciless Novel by Darkstory

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Merciless Novel Summary.

I studied him, trying to decipher what his deranged man must be thinking. Leo’s impenetrable expression made it hard for me to read.

It was one of the most difficult puzzles, almost impossible to solve. “Why am I here?” I asked hesitantly, finally having enough of the awkward silence.

Also made sure not to let my fear appear in my tone. The only response I met was with plain silence. His unwillingness to speak was infuriating but I maintained my calm.

When I thought I wasn’t going to get any response he finally spoke. “Because I want,” Leaving my past behind I moved into a new city to start fresh but I forgot I was a ball of misfortune.

I happened to grasp the attention of a monster disguised in the human body. I tried to ignore him. I ran from him but he trapped me.

His obsession for me was lethal. It was suffocating. Why won’t it be after all he is merciless.

Merciless Novel by Darkstory
Merciless Novel by Darkstory

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