Mending Her Broken Heart Novel by Bhargavi

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Mending Her Broken Heart by Bhargavi.


Mending Her Broken Heart Novel Summary.

“Understanding is an art and not everyone is an artist.” Addilyn Ruby Garcia is a 16 year girl with a very bad past. She is know as Ruby Smith. She is the youngest multibillionaire in the whole world.

When finally her life is somewhat better a tragedy happens and that makes her move back to her first orphanage. When she has to go back to her family. What happens when her elder sibling take her in?

Or when she had made them take her in? How can she cope with her other 8 siblings that she desperately tried to forget? Will she let her walls down and let them in?

And add to that there is Russian mafia capo who is hell as arrogant and possesive and protective with a mysterious nature. Can they mend her broken heart?

And when two opposites fall in love with their life’s at stake and past coming back to haunt her, can they save before she drowns? Or will it be too late?.

Mending Her Broken Heart Novel by Bhargavi
Mending Her Broken Heart Novel by Bhargavi

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