Melodies Movies Novel by HeatedErotica

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Melodies Movies Novel Summary.

Melodie does everything she possibly can to get the attention of Jax, even if it means hurting him with words. Jax wants her but is life is already complicated enough without adding another woman.

As a Navy Seal, his commander is Melodie’s father, and he values his life so vows never to touch her. Instead he finds himself indulging in everyone who looks like her.

As Jax works a mission with her father, Jax is shocked to see her in a club, walking into a forbidden room within the BDSM club. Dragging her out screaming he begs her to stay away from the place,

but she doesn’t listen. Instead of staying out of trouble she begins to work undercover for local police, working as an erotic dancer, only the person she is trying to catch is the one of the leaders in the mafia without knowing it she puts herself as a target.

As Jax fights to free her from the trap, it turns out no matter what Melodie would find herself there. Past missions her father and Jax completed have came back for revenge, and Melodie is the main target.

As Jax gives in to her, he fights to save her from the hands of people who had hurt her before. Just when they believe they have cleaned up the mess and made her safe, Melodie and Jax marry. Only they don’t have long before trouble shows again.

This time, Jax breaks Melodie’s heart to save her, telling her he feels chained down. As he packs his bag and leaves with the same gang that tried to rape and murder her, Melodie is left with just his team around her for support.

As Jax fights to swim while working secretly to find a way to get to the main guy and bring him down. Little does he know Melodie is moving closer to those in his team, and when he finally returns over a year later,

he has more than one man to fight her for to win her back. TW: This book contains BDSM, kidnapping, and talk of r*pe. Towards the end, the story becomes Reverse Harem.

Melodies Movies Novel by HeatedErotica
Melodies Movies Novel by HeatedErotica

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