Meet Maya Brady father, Brian Timmons, ex-husband of Maureen Brady

American softball player, Maya Brady father, Brian Timmons is the ex-husband of Maureen Brady, an ex-softball pitcher who is sister of Tom Brady, a former American football quarterback.


Brian Timmons one time said that he usually gets autograph requests because his ex-wife and daughter are athletes hence people assume he is one too. So today we took our time to research his profile and tell you who he really is.

Maya Brady father, Brian Timmons, ex-husband of Maureen Brady
Baby Maya Brady father, Brian Timmons, Maureen Brady and family.

Mr Brian Timmons was a mechanical retailer in the mid-1900s but last known to be a researcher who has been affiliated with McMaster University. Currently, we cannot say what he does for a living because he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Brian Timmon was married to Maureen Brady but got divorced on August 7th, 2010. Brian daughter, Maya Brady, who became a national softball player at just 20 years old currently lives with her mother.

Brian Timmon’s Daughters

Our beloved researcher Brian Timmons has two daughters, Maya and Hannah Brady. Maya, born in 2001, is a national softball player but there is no report of her younger sister, Hannah. Both Maya and Hannah currently live with their mother.

Maureen Brady with her daughters Maya and Hannah Brady

Brain Timmon’s Wife

There is no update on Brian’s relationship status since 2010 he got divorced. Maureen Brady was wedded to him and had Maya and Hannah for him before the marriage ended in 2010.

Maureen Brady was a U.S. Junior Olympic team member at 17 as a softball pitcher. She currently works as a nurse and softball instructor in Bakersfield, California.

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Meet Maya Brady father, Brian Timmons, ex-husband of Maureen Brady


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