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A math GRE forum is the best thing any GRE candidate can participate in. The prospects of like-minded people discussing and sharing helpful GRE success tips are second to none in your GRE preparations.

Every year the number of GRE test-takers increases significantly because more people realize that a Master’s degree adds more value to their career.

But, all GRE aspirants find that they have many questions regarding the preparation and the admission procedures.

To answer these doubts, numerous GRE forums have come up where students can talk about their problems and answer queries from other members.

In this article, we discuss the essence of a GRE forum, a maths GRE forum, and the best forums to join for effectiveness.

About GRE Forums

The members of GRE forums consist of all types of students. Some students have just started their GRE Journey, and some have already taken the test.

These GRE forums give out information for free. But for the same reason, they are not bound by any obligation to answer questions immediately or at all.

However, a major disadvantage of online forums is that they tend to be biased depending on individual student experiences.

These forums help you meet great students and those who need help with any of the GRE sections, especially maths.

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Best Math GRE Forums

The following is a list of the best math GRE forums you can join as you prepare for your exams. Attached to the list is a link to the forums. Feel free to click, join and begin your discussion.

GRE Math Forum 1: Urch

Urch is a good GRE math forum with discussions on questions and doubts ranging from DI and Algebra to Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion, etc. There are also separate subforums for Quant, Verbal, and AWA.

The forum is solely dedicated to your doubts after GRE, called “Just Finished My GRE,” where students discuss everything from GRE scores to University suggestions.

The downside of the Urch math forum is that there are no GRE experts to provide realistic, honest, and subject-specific answers. The discussion is only sometimes continuous or updated, primarily due to the sheer number of daily posts.

Math GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Math Forum 2: Gradcafe.

Gradcafe has broad categories for discussing GRE preparation, with comments and questions on several threads.

Gradcafe has categories like The Cafe that help you navigate the city, find libraries and other academic institutes, and meet fellow grads.

There are also categories like “applying to Graduate School” that encourage discussion about GRE scores, Visa interviews and Visits, LORs and SOP drafting, Personal History, Diversity, and Writing Samples.

It also talks about choosing between admits and various assistantships/scholarships available.

The downside, however, is that it is difficult to navigate. Too many categories to choose from, thus leading to confusion.

The absence or lack of subject experts makes it difficult to trust the views.

Math GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Math Forum 3: MS in US

MS in US has the following features:

  • It is a forum dedicated to profile evaluation, which other students can evaluate.
  • It allows users to get the answers to problems related to F-1 visa and visa interview questions and understand the SEVIS fees, etc.
  • It discusses GRE preparation along with other English proficiency exams.
  • It also provides detailed information about test date booking, registration, etc.
  • It discusses work permits, specifically H1B visas and CPT/OPT opportunities.
  • A forum also discusses studying abroad in countries other than the US.
  • All of the discussions are between fellow students, and the lack of involvement from GRE experts reduces the credibility of opinions.
  • Not all of the questions and queries posted are answered, which defeats the purpose of a discussion forum.
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Math GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Maths Forum 4: Dr Raju’s

Dr. Raju’s GRE maths forum has the following features:

  • It has GRE preparation forums with topics on Verbal and Quant.
  • Comes with dedicated threads with in-depth discussions of DS-160 forms and F-1 visas.
  • GRE date booking and related procedures are covered in subforums.
  • Features discussions about university rankings and drafting a statement of purpose and letter of recommendation.
  • There is no distinct separation of the topics.
  • Finding the information you require is challenging.
  • Not all threads feature expert commentary.

Math GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Maths Forum 5: GRE Prep Club

GRE Prep Club provides helpful and timely GRE Prep information to help students enhance their GRE scores.

It is an online website that is free and open to everyone.

The company offers a productive and synergetic community where students can find all the valuable study materials, books, test papers, study plans, and tips that can improve their scores on GRE.

The company was founded in May 2014 to help every GRE test taker to reach their dream university with the help of online collaboration and information sharing.

Test takers can get effective GRE materials, test papers, tips, and tricks, connect with other test takers, and get advice and help from experts with GRE Prep Club.

It has the following features:

  • It is a forum with in-depth reviews/analyses of GRE courses/materials, such as GRE questions and queries.
  • Keeps track of any discounts that any of the programs may be offering.
  • Has an AWA-specific forum of its own.
  • Quantitative and verbal preparation, questions, and other discussions are conducted in separate forums and subforums.
  • You can ask the experts any questions you may have about the GRE.
  • There isn’t much discussion of university programs or admissions procedures.
  • Scholarships and financial aid are rarely discussed.

GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Maths Forum 6: Edulix.

Edulix has the following features:

  • Has different subforums.
  • GRE score, academics, and discussions of/articles about higher education are all part of the preliminary phase.
  • There are subforums and threads for evaluating profiles for the 2024 admissions cycle, even for specialized programs like MIS, MEM, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, and Ph. Forums D.
  • Admissions results, visa interviews, immigration, and financial aid have specific subforums.
  • Features discussion in the senior’s lounge, parents’ cafe, and other forums related to graduate school.
  • There are not many threads or posts about GRE preparation.
  • Members who have more knowledge and experience tend to be less social.

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GRE Maths Forum 7: Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep has the following features:

  • It is facilitated by instructors that cover a wide range of topics, including GRE essays, GRE verbal, and GRE math.
  • You can share posts and threads about how your GRE day went.
  • To point out any inconsistencies in the instructors’ coursework, you can also write feedback about them.
  • Less talk about analytical writing, especially GRE essays.

GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Maths Forum 8: Immihelp.

Immihelp has the following features:

  • Questions about admissions deadlines, profile evaluation, and GRE preparation are discussed in these threads.
  • F-1 visa, CPT/OPT, and other topics are discussed.
  • Financial aid, LOR, and SOP drafting, among other topics, are discussed in forums.
  • GRE preparation is not given enough attention.
  • It’s difficult to find threads and posts because they lack enough information.
  • Additional discussions on “after GRE” procedures, financial aid, and proficiency exams like the TOEFL and other CPT/OPT options.

GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

Other GRE Forums 2024

GRE Forum 1: English-Test on the Internet

A great forum for general preparation for the GRE, this forum has the following features:

  • Discussion of useful GRE verbal topics, such as issue and argument essays.
  • Message boards and blog posts that provide in-depth analyses of reading comprehension assignments. Along with drill exams from various other GRE sources, materials, etc.
  • Help is available through threads, posts, and subforums for Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence.
  • Discussions on various subjects pertinent to RC, such as literature, science, politics, philosophy, etc.
  • The complete absence of GRE Quant is understandable, as this forum exclusively meets your Verbal needs.
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GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Forum 2: Physician Assistant Forum

Here are the features of this forum:

  • Features threads and posts regarding GRE preparation and the importance of various topics in the GRE.
  • Allows posts asking for and offering advice on whether or not to retake GRE.
  • Features discussions about schools accepting GRE and GRE Scores required for particular universities.
  • Does not have enough content and discussions.
  • No clear-cut categories, which is a big drawback because topics get repeated, and it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for.

GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

The GRE Forum 3: GRedge

  •  GREedge offers highly individualized training for students’ unique skill levels, learning preferences, daily schedules, and objectives.
  • The student is a potent union of knowledgeable personal trainers.
  • SFAs, advanced learning platforms, and facilitators are used.
  • A student can get the best GRE score possible with the aid of the Learning Tracker.
  • They aid students in efficiently preparing for other tests, like the TOEFL.
  • Students must receive the best admission possible, given their profile
  • The GREedge Admission Tracker and University Database are one.
  • The entire application process is incredibly simple, organized, and effective.

GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Forum 4: Magoosh

Among online, self-study GRE preparation programs, Magoosh is a student favourite.

Notably, this GRE prep course offers students a great deal of value through top-notch instruction that concentrates on practical test-taking strategies that can be applied to various test-taking situations.

Not to mention, it is one of the most affordable complete GRE prep programs out there.

You might notice right away after logging in to the course dashboard that there is no set order in which you have to complete the lessons. Instead, subjects are suggested to students in an apparent random order. This enables students to change subject areas as they see fit freely.

GRE Forum: Join the Math GRE Forum for Expert Insights

GRE Math Forum Expert Insights: How to Score High in GRE Quantitative

You may have already heard that the GRE quantitative section has changed in structure and content.

Try comparing any paper-based quantitative test from Barron’s with that from the Power-Prep CD, and you’ll realize they’re vastly different.

While the prior deals with a lot of clumsy numbers, the latter involves very few numbers, uses alphabet letters like a,b,c, etc., in place of numerical values, and stresses heavily on basic math concepts like number theory, statistics (SD, mean, mode, etc.), series problems, etc.

The scratch paper is quickly becoming redundant, and you’ll be surprised to know that even the most pencil-happy test taker needs hardly 2 of the six pages they provide.

Why ETS introduced this change all of a sudden remains a mystery, but we speculate they brought about this change because they realized that tying up test-takers in cumbersome calculations was not the best way to test their analytical ability.

They needed to generalize the test and stress more on understanding basic math concepts.

Ironically, although most people feel that the test has become more difficult, the percentile score of test takers has remained almost constant. A score of 800 is still the 92 percentile. It means the test has not become harder or easier -the difficulty level is the same.

The only switch is from the type of questions asked, and if you prepare with this new trend in mind, you’ll be inching closer to the high score you’ve always dreamt of.

Learn from these expert tips on How to register for the GRE online| Registering GRE Online

To score high in the GRE math and quant section:

GRE Math Forum Expert Insights: Give Yourself Time

If getting a high score is important, you must give yourself a comfortable two and a half to three months of preparation for the GRE. If not, say goodbye to scoring high and be content with an average score.

To prepare for the GRE maths, three months is enough.

Your mind is an old engine considering you’re already over 20, that will come stumbling to a stop if you overwork it.

As far as math is concerned, make it a point to solve a few exercises almost daily, even if it’s just for an hour.

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Regular practice is important because it improves your calculation speed, and time on the real test is important.

If you’re an average math ability person, speed is even more important since you’ll spend most of your time working out an approach to the problem rather than doing calculations.

Do your math every day, religiously.

GRE Math Forum Expert Insights: Practice

If you’ve just begun your preparation, your first step should be to solve all the math exercises in Barron’s guide. Each math concept is given separately in this book, followed by a set of exercises based on that concept.

This arrangement is very useful because it helps to gauge how well you can apply the concept you’ve just learned and pinpoint your weak areas.

If you’re a non-math test-taker, Barron’s guide is an indispensable part of your preparation because it covers all the basic definitions related to number theory- prime numbers, whole numbers, and geometry- peculiar properties of certain figures.

Also, go through the math review provided on the Power-Prep CD. If you still need to register for your test and need the CD, download it from the ETS website. This review covers the concepts not given in Barron’s.

Solve every exercise in this review and keep a notebook to note the difficult questions. After you’ve gone through Barron’s guide and the ETS math review, you can safely assume you have all the concepts tested on the GRE.

Please pay special attention to the following concepts since they’re often tested in the real GRE math section.

1. Statistics (mean, mode, SD, range, ND, graphical representation of ND)

2. Quadratic equations (roots, type, number of roots, positive and negative roots, etc.)

3. Series (AP, GP, series definition, nth term of a series, etc.)

4. Number theories (divisors, remainders, GCD, LCM, prime factors, number line, etc.)

5. Probability (counting principle, basic probability, coin and die tossing, arrangements, etc.)

6. Speed and work problems (relation between speed, distance and time, rule of 3, rule of 5, etc.)

7. Some other concepts like ratios and inequalities

What GRE Scores Should You Aim For?

It would help if you aimed for the highest score you can achieve at the most basic level. (Kind of a no-brainer.) You’ll want to set a goal score on a more practical and useful level. If you hit or exceed your score threshold, you do not need the test again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who accepts the GRE?

Thousands of graduate institutions and business schools accept GRE scores. It would help if you looked up the requirements for specialized graduate programs to see what certifications they require.

How Does the GRE scoring system work?

 The GRE Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning portions of the GRE are graded on a 130-170 scale, with 1-point increments.

The Analytical Writing component is graded on a scale of 0-6, with 0.5-point increments. For more information about the scoring system, read the GRE grading scale.

What is the median GRE score for Business administration Programs?

The GRE is approved by most of the world’s leading business schools. Most international business schools consider a score of 325 or above competitive enough to enter your dream school.

Do all MBAs accept GRE?

GRE scores are accepted by business institutions providing MBA programs worldwide. Students who wish to take up an MBA study in any nation can take the GRE and hope to be accepted into some of the top B-schools around the globe.

But Students should look up the specific acceptance requirements of the college/university/program they wish to enroll in according to the courses.

5) Do top MBA programs accept GRE?

Yes, GRE scores are accepted by over 1200 MBA programs worldwide, including some of the best B-schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, Kellogg, and many others.


Preparing on your own for the Math GRE can be daunting and confusing, especially if you are uncertain about what topics to prioritize or what type of schedule will be most effective for you.

Joining a GRE maths forum can help you gain the information you seek, but ypiu must not substitute it for expert guidance. Learning about the firsthand experience of other students can help you avoid making some mistakes, but it cannot show you what kind of preparation works for you.

Therefore, ensure you sought out forums with expert guidance and pay attention to them.



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