Material Conversion Novel

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Material Conversion Novel Summary

Born with an abnormally languished and frail constitution since birth, he has to survive with many struggles while plagued by terminal ailments and disorders, such as frequent joint pains, fragile flaking skin tissues, profuse and unceasing bleeding of small wounds, gradual thinning hairs, and many other unaccountable malignancies and diseases that afflicted and ate away at his body.

Now faced with the unforeseen tragic loss of a loved one right in front of his eyes, how would he react to the sudden loss?

Would he break down from the emotional pain that could not be healed, no matter what? Or would he embrace the trauma, along with his newfound strength as a driving force to fuel his vengeful heart and seek revenge on the ones who caused him to lose what was more important to him than his meager life?

What would he choose in the end on his path filled with loss, sorrow, blood, carnage, and revenge?

Would he succumb to his emotions, or would he break out of his endless trauma and discover the secret behind the excessive and unreasonable tragedies? Or would he be devoured by his own powers before discovering the dark truth?

Material Conversion Novel
Material Conversion Novel

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