Mated To The Lycan King by Jennifer Baker

Discover an incredible free-to-read novel that will captivate your imagination. “Mated To The Lycan King” by Jennifer Baker is a mesmerizing tale filled with suspense, romance, and excitement that will hold your attention from the very first page to the closing lines.

Mated To The Lycan King Novel Summary

Avalynn, a quiet and introverted girl during her school years, eagerly awaited her 16th birthday when she hoped her inner wolf would awaken and undergo its first transformation. However, that transformation never occurred, and her life took a tumultuous turn. Ryder, the future Alpha of Crest Moon pack, began to torment her relentlessly. As time passed, she reached 17, the age when everyone else could sense their destined mate, and she felt a peculiar connection. Astonishingly, fate seemed to pair her with Ryder, the very tormentor who had made her life miserable. The question echoed: Why would destiny be so unkind?

Enduring the continued bullying along with Ryder’s friends, Avalynn persisted until her 18th birthday. At that point, she decided she could endure no more and departed the pack. Tearfully wandering through the woods, perched on the edge of a waterfall, she contemplated ending her pain. Then, unexpectedly, a voice resonated in her mind. Could it be her dormant wolf, a presence she and her pack believed to be absent? Or had despair driven her to the brink of sanity? A symphony of rustling leaves and snapping branches reached her ears, followed by a resonant voice and an intoxicating aroma. “Mate.” With those words, her existence metamorphosed forever.

Mated To The Lycan King by Jennifer Baker
Mated To The Lycan King by Jennifer Baker.

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