Mated To My Lycan Prince Novel by FancyZ

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Mated To My Lycan Prince Novel Summary.

“Your highness, this is my daughter, and I offer you my loyalty.” At a fancy party, I hid in a corner and watched my father, an alpha, bend over to speak to the prince on the throne,

while my sister, Bernice, wore a tight, glamorous dress, sit at the prince’s feet and show him a charming and smug smile. It was a reception for the Prince and for my sister to be his mate. “My girl, I got you.” My cousin’s disgusting voice sounded. A chill ran down my back.

“You can’t get it off,” he said, reaching for me again. No… At the same time, there was a low cry from the banquet center. Bernice looked pale, and the prince frowned at the crowd before him.

He had a Lycan oppressive aura that made everyone afraid to breathe. “Not her,” said the prince, refusing even to look at Bernice. How did this happen? Isn’t the Prince’s mate Bernice? I hid in the corner.

I wasn’t in the mood to see what was going on at the party. I just wanted to get rid of the jerk in front of me. But why did the Prince look at me hiding in the corner? Oh, Moon goddess, I can’t read his eyes.

Mated To My Lycan Prince Novel by FancyZ
Mated To My Lycan Prince Novel by FancyZ

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