Masquerade of Madness by The Potato King

Masquerade of Madness by The Potato King is a horror and thriller novel with 47 chapters. 

Summary of Masquerade of Madness 

Sebastian Alaister is a man who is looking for a way out of his personal hell. 

In the first scene, we see Sebastian murdering a man and questioning his own sanity. The story then takes us to Purgatory, a world where sinners are invited to participate in regular trials. These trials are fraught with danger, death, and deception, but they provide opportunities for power and supremacy to the chosen few.

Sebastian decides to participate in these trials in order to escape his personal demons. However, before he can enter Purgatory, he must first complete the tutorial, which includes a trial tailored to his fatal flaw of extreme denial. To pass the tutorial, he must reenact his previous traumas.

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Masquerade of Madness by The Potato King
Masquerade of Madness by The Potato King

Throughout the story, Sebastian must battle monsters, devils, and eldritch remnants in order to gain rewards and claim their power. He also engages in wits battles with other sinners, with the winner taking all. The plot follows him as he makes his way to the top and creates his own legend.

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The author does an excellent job of creating a creepy and unsettling atmosphere in this story, which is filled with dark and disturbing themes. The plot is intriguing, with unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader engaged. 

For fans of horror and thriller novels, Masquerade of Madness is a captivating and thrilling read.

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