Marvel: Become Athenea Novel

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Marvel: Become Athenea Novel Summary

Traveling through the Marvel universe and transforming into a girl, fortunately inheriting the broken divinity of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom in Greek mythology.

When you encounter a crisis, become the Goddess of War Wisdom, wear noble and beautiful sacred clothes, hold the scepter of the Goddess of Victory and the Shield of Justice, form a holy warrior to protect you, create a sanctuary, and stand tall in the heavenly city and hell against all invading enemies.

Tear the sky, crush the earth, Eighty-eight saints passionately fight for the goddess and defeat the enemy, killing all the hypocritical gods and demons who covet the world.

Kyle will lead his saints to the top of the universe, surpassing the five main gods and becoming the main god.

Marvel: Become Athenea Novel
Marvel: Become Athenea Novel

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