Marcus & Reagan: Rojo, TX Novel by Cee Bowerman

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Marcus & Reagan: Rojo, TX Novel Summary.

Marcus and Reagan have been part of the Texas Knights, Texas Kings, and Tempest family for more than thirty years. They’ve weathered ups and downs and raised their children surrounded by family that may not share their blood but share their hearts.

Come to Rojo with Cee Bowerman and attend the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. While you’re in town, catch up with some of the couples you’ve loved since the beginning and get acquainted with their children who are all grown up and ready to find a love that is as timeless as Marcus and Reagan’s.

This final book of the Rojo first generation is set in the current day and will introduce you to several children who came from the love stories we’ve all enjoyed and who will get their own happily ever afters soon.

(You can find the reading order of the first generation books along with the family trees for each series on Cee Bowerman’s web page, which will be listed in the author’s note at the beginning of this story.)

Marcus & Reagan: Rojo, TX Novel by Cee Bowerman
Marcus & Reagan: Rojo, TX Novel by Cee Bowerman

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