Make Me Whole Novel by Bliss Khay

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Make Me Whole Novel Summary.

After being framed for raping and stabbing his sister thirteen times, Raymon life took a big turn.

He lost the people he called his parents, hope and everything. Spending two years in Jail, he became rebellious, deadly and hot tempered.

You don’t wanna mess with him. He got adopted by a famous politician, who promised to try to help him but no one knows the mysterious reason behind it.. Raymond doesn’t care.

After avenging his sister’s death by having blood on his hand, it didn’t change anything. He was still paranoid, he got nightmare about his fucked up life.

He tried distracting himself with college, alcohol and girls, he even got a therapist for himself but even with all of these.. His past still haunts him. Not until he met her.

She is the true definition of beauty. She was smart, cute but sometimes crazy. A girl whose dream is to become a singer, her voice alone can capture your soul.

But she also has a cruel past which was somehow connected to Raymond’s past. Who is she? Will she be able to heal him? What really happened to them? What was their fate?

Make Me Whole Novel by Bliss Khay
Make Me Whole Novel by Bliss Khay

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