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Mafia Princess Novel Summary.

The continuation of Mafia Queen comes Mafia Princess. The second book in the series. This book will focus on Dimitri and Nicole and their relationship from start to finish.

NICOLE ”Where are you taking me?” I asked the guy in the front of the car. Of course the little shit doesn’t answer. “I know you fucking hear me! Where the fuck are you taking me?” I shout at him.

Then he reaches back and punches me right in the nose. It slams my head back so far that I also hit my head on the back of the head rest.

It stuns me for a good minute and I have to take some deep breaths to regain myself. Son of a bitch that hurt. How dare he put his hands on me. Ugh, this sucks so bad. I am screwed. No one is going to be looking for me but Eliie and what can she do?

She’s just one person and she’s a girl. Unless she gets an army together then I am so screwed. “Shut the fuck up. You only open your mouth when told to. That won’t be to speak either.” He says to me and then laughs this God awful laugh.

I decide to keep quiet and I am hoping that by doing this then it will lessen the abuse I am sure is fixing to come. We finally pull up to this old, run down house in the middle of nowhere.

It looks like it may have once been a beautiful plantation home but it’s been let go drastically. Once we park in the driveway I just sit there and watch the two goons up front get out and walk around to my door.

They yank it open and grab me by my hair to get me out of the car and slam my back into the door. I scream at this. It hurt so bad. I can see chunks of my hair in his hand when he lets go of me and my back has a really sharp pain shooting through it where I hit the handle on the car.

As soon as I start screaming goon number one slaps me across the face as hard as he can. ‘’Stop fucking screaming. It’s annoying. If you scream again I will cut your fucking tongue out.” Goon two told me. Got it. Loud and fucking clear.

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So, I snap my mouth shut and start crying. Then I get even more pissed off at myself because I hate crying. It shows weakness and I am not a weak bitch. I stopped crying a long time ago when I kept getting turned down time after time when it came to getting adopted.

I was so tired of getting my hopes up on things and just being let down. I’ve taught myself to just always expect the worst and when it happens I’m not as upset. Then when something good does happen it makes it even sweeter.

Goon one and two grab me by the arms and start taking me towards the house. When I walk in I see, out of the one eye that isn’t swollen shut, that the inside of this place is as run down as the outside.

It reeks of smoke and there are beer bottles laid down everywhere. Pretty sure there’s cocaine all over every table in the place as well. If it’s not then I will be extremely surprised. We turn towards a set of stairs and climb up to the top of them.

There’s a weird hallway that goes straight for a bit then you have to turn left or right at the end of it. I don’t make it that far though. We turn towards the first door on the right. When it’s opened I lose my ever loving mind.

The bed is right in the middle of the room and it’s got chains all over it. No fucking way. They said if I screamed they’d cut my tongue out so I’m not doing that but I will fight. I can take a hit or two with no problem.

I had several lashings from Ms. Windham and beatings from some foster fathers to help me handle that. But I’d like to keep my tongue and not be chained to that fucking bed. So, I fight.

I start thrashing my entire body and even try to kick my legs out and up to throw them off. But it doesn’t work. They’re too big and too strong for me. Goon one grabs my arms and goon two grabs my legs and they hold me down on the bed.

Goon two locks my legs in restraints and of course they’re spread eagle. As soon as he’s done goon one straps my wrists in restraints and they’re spread out as well. Son of a bitch. This is not good at all. Ok, now I’m really panicking. I can feel it coming.

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My ears start burning and my chest gets tingly and tight. My legs start shaking. Fuck. I can’t breathe. I close my eyes and start focusing on my breathing. My hearts fixing to stop I know it. It’s beating way too fast. In and out. In. Hold it. Now out.

Over and over until the shaking and burning stops. That’s better. Luckily the goons have left me be and I’m in here alone. It’s too damn quiet and I can’t handle it. I can hear voices of men but they’re far away which is fine by me.

I don’t want them anywhere near me. God, how am I going to get out of this? I start tugging on my restraints and I can feel them start to cut into my skin.

I stop that immediately because I don’t want them to see me trying to escape. I have a strong feeling these guys get off on terrorizing women. Are they going to sell me? That’s what the Hispanic said in the club.

So, are they just going to leave me here and let whatever man pay to fuck me? I pray they kill me before they let that happen. DIMITRI “I need to find her friend Konstantin.

I’m not going to sleep well knowing what’s most likely happening to her.” I tell him. “She’s going to want her anyway. We will find her. For Elizabeth and you.” He tells me and then there is a knock on the door. It’s Konstantin’s Papa, Pavel.

He is the current head of the Bratva and the one person you really don’t want to piss off. I have led a very blessed life to be able to be raised by him and be his son’s best friend throughout life.

So, I have escaped a few times that he would’ve killed anyone else for doing somethings that I have done. Especially as a dumb young man. My Papa is his right hand man and has been with Pavel since he became head of the Bratva. We have all always been close. Family.

“You two need to come with me, now.” He says to us. We down our drinks and don’t hesitate. He leads us to the front door of the mansion and we notice someone running up the driveway.

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It’s Ivan and he’s carrying someone. I come off the steps to meet him because my heart hits my stomach when I notice that it’s a blonde headed woman and I just know that it’s Nicole. Konstantin follows me and we meet Ivan.

“Someone just rode up to the gate and dumped her out. There was a note stapled to her stomach that said ‘your green dress whore is next,’ do you know who she is?” Ivan asked. “That’s Elizabeth’s friend Nicole. The one she was screaming for when we took her from the club.

Get doc here now.” I tell Konstantin and he pulls out his phone.I take Nicole from Ivan and head straight to the infirmary. Jesus Christ at the things that have done to her. Her face is almost unrecognizable.

Both of her eyes are swollen shut and the front of her head is sunk in a little bit from something hitting her head. She’s also butt ass naked so I can imagine the other things that were most likely done to her.

There’s dried up blood coming out of her nose and mouth too. Jesus Christ this makes my heart break and my blood boil. I make it to the first room that I know is open in the infirmary hallway and lay her down in the bed.

I take a step back and look at her fully. She’s got staple holes in her stomach and road rash from where they dumped her out. There’s also deep cuts on her wrists and ankles. So, she was strapped down too.

Poor girl. I should’ve tried harder to find her. I should have kept chasing them to keep her from going through this. I hope that she can forgive me one day for not trying harder for her.

Will Dimitri be able to forgive himself for leaving her behind and letting her fall into the hands of monsters? Will Nicole be able to get over her issues after she’s been taken and let Dimitri apologize to her?

What will become of them? With the help of her friend Ellie and Dimitri maybe she can overcome anything and take her power back that she was born with.

Mafia Princess Novel by Reneè Watts
Mafia Princess Novel by Reneè Watts

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