Mafia Desire Novel by gracey

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Mafia Desire Novel Summary.

This book contains sex scenes. Rated 18+. Andrew was the most ruthless Mafia boss. He was dark, could kill in cold blood, and only loved his three-year-old sister.

He was one of the most deranged people on the planet, and he drove everyone away from him. On the outside, Ava was a strong, independent, and kind girl who didn’t bow down to anyone,

but on the inside she was broken. She was trying to get away from her past when she ran into him.  Would she give him permission to help her run, or did she fear that he would only further break her?

Find out how shit goes sideways in this epic story of love, romance and revenge.

NOTE… This book also contains other Romantic mafia fantasy stories compilations. Rated 18+ Readers discretion is advised.

Mafia Desire Novel by gracey
Mafia Desire Novel by gracey

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